Xbox One crashing - Can’t progress past Chapter 1

Played it after midnight when I came in from work, was thoroughly enjoying it. Got to the part after the pub, you go looking in a little boat for a body and it just said “Loading” for roughly ten minutes and then dashboarded. Every time I loaded the save, it dashboarded:.. So, I made a whole new file, started over again and got to the same point and what it does is just freezes as soon as I get to that small dock/boardwalk part and kicks me to the Dashboard. I had roughly one hour of actual gameplay in a three hour space, not impressed. I can’t progress at all and I was looking forward to playing this game on my only day off.

I’m having the same problem in the same area hope they fix it soon I’m not to impressed right now with the game. Brand new and crashing already.

Hi all,

A new update came out this morning that should address these issues for you - could you try launching the game and let us know if it does, please?

Im reinstalling the game since after the update I cannot bootup my save or start a new game. It crashes when the loading bar get to about 75% on my Xbox before it crashes and boots me to the home screen.