I Cannot record sound along with the video in Xbox one x gameplay. I tried all the options with the Xbox one x settings and all but I have this last option to post here and get any help game regarding !! I have recorded other games but in this vampyr game, I cannot record sound along with the video so its like when I try to record the gameplay I can record video but there is no audio at all. when the game starts there is game audio but when the actual game starts like when I interact with the game there is no audio only game audio gets recorded but no gameplay records at all... pls help if you can !!!

i have same problem , i think is not solved , no sound when i record on twitch or mixer vampyr to my xbox one x , no prob for video and allall is ok but we dont have sound . i have just this problem to this games

Hi all,

This is something we're aware of, and is something we're working on fixing currently. We appreciate that it's a difficult issue for those of you that want to record gameplay.

hi ,

i see you make second update , but nothing change about that , you have some news about this problem?