Fatboys landscaping.

Lots of other people posting WIP maps, so I figured I would share mine. Map has not been named yet and I have no idea when it will be released, but it seems I'm getting time to work on it a couple times a week so hopefully over the next 2-3 months. This will be strictly a trailing map like my previous FrogStompers map.

@fatboy Looking good. Lots of trails, I like.

Been plugging away.
Got a bunch of my really big obstacles done, just need to be polished.
I'm having alot more fun building this map with knowing more about the editor.
0_1530401045689_two.jpg7_1530400773443_20180630153748_1.jpg 6_1530400773443_20180630152551_1.jpg 5_1530400773443_20180630152320_1.jpg 4_1530400773443_20180630151442_1.jpg 3_1530400773443_20180630150858_1.jpg 2_1530400773442_20180630150527_1.jpg 1_1530400773441_20180630145957_1.jpg 0_1530400773441_20180630145910_1.jpg

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good looking map so far man,keep up the good work

Very nice! Love those rocks they really blend in well. Looks like a proper challenge to climb up those!

Ya the rock models are great, not only do they look good, the traction is proper, but I have tried and tried to get a wheel stuck in them and I'm pretty sure it's impossible.

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This is awesome! Please be sure to share it with us once the map is live 🙂

Looking for some help...been doing more work on this map and I finally had someone else on it helping me test it.
When I play MP and have someone else on the map this particular rock model goes glitchy....it gets a transparent white flashing skin over it, not all of them do it all the time. This doesn't happen when playing single player, it also doesn't happen when playing MP and I'm alone on the map....is this a memory issue with these particular models?

Anyone know how to fix it?
I have a lot of these rocks on my map and I'm really not interested in replacing them with new models.


@fatboy first of all the map is looking great bro, very nice layout and rock formations.....as far as your rock glitch problem i wish i could help you out with that but ive never seen that one before , best of luck.

can you post the .xml of that particular rock and one that works properly? just to compare, if you are able to sort them out

i think it has something to do with the "ownership" like it does with the logs in multiplayer.
when you exchange logs, they are in this white-transparent state too, it might have to do something with the "Dynamic" Body Collisions (or not, just a guess)
i remember having a mod/map installed in the old spintires that had overridden the standard logs files and suddenly all the logs lying on the ground started freaking out and they looked like this in multiplayer too

Thinks Smar...and Hydro I think you may be right. I've seen it and it has happened to me also where I'm playing on a standard map hauling logs and all of a sudden one of these rock models falls out of the sky and lands on my truck completely demolishing it...I wish I knew something about editing .XML...I may be screwed here.

@Fatboy I guess you can't fix dat. I tried those 8K Rocks Canyon on my old maps before , and YES.. I did exactly got the same problem like yours " white Rocks Glitch " , Dats why I Stopped use that rocks , otherwise definitely I'll put those realistic rocks on all my crawling maps . But 1 thing I know, the creator of those rocks , was fine when he use on his map for MP !

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@fatboy, I don't know what the problem is since I don't see the rock.xml but I might can help ya with fixing them. Download the rocks I released and copy/paste the code from one of my rocks, they're all the same, into your rocks. classes/models/rocks.xml. The .xml in the meshes folder should be fine since that just tells what textures to use. Forces told me what friction to use since I don't do maps so it should be fine. You can change it if ya like as well. I hope that helps and the link is in my sig below.

Also, the error where the rock falls from the sky is in the classes/models/rocks.xml. The guy used the code from one of the logs, so it would move, and is why that does that.

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Thanks for the info guys, I have since found the problem and everything seems to be working.
I found this in the Classes/models/rock.xml

<GameData LoadAddons="load_logs_medium" LoadType="MediumLogs">
<LoadPoint Pos="(-2.0;0;0)" />
<LoadPoint Pos="(2.0;0;0)" />
<Occlusion Intensity="1.6" Size="(8.0; 8.0)" />

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@fatboy hi fatboy, you posted that at times a rock will fall from the sky. and crushed your truck.. not the preferred action, But it must of looked pretty cool. all of a sudden Splat!.. the map does look Great!! the few shots you've posted have me really looking forward to it's release. _Rufus

It didn't actually fall from the sky but it seemed like it. I think the logs turned into the rock...and yes big splat..just demolished everything. Wish I would have gotten a screenshot. The maps about half complete, I had to take a break for awhile as everything started looking the same, but I'm back at it.

Hey Fatboy. I'm glad to see you are making good use of my rock models. That was a nasty glitch to figure out for sure. I ended up patching those back in April but I never got around to reposting the patch for you guys so I apologize. It was weird that it was only showing up under MP which made debugging difficult. That glitch should be fixed in all my maps now BTW.

The reason I had the log entries in the rock.xml file was that I was trying to make the rocks movable so you could stack them and move them as needed to get past challenges. I'll have to see if I can find time to hack that together at a later date..


Thanks for the response, I added you as a friend on Steam as I was going to let you know that I found an issue but it was explained to me by Tattoo why that coding was put in there so I didn't want to bother you with info you already knew. Thanks for letting guys like me use your models, I think they look great and function well also.

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For the record I also think the idea of having moving rocks is an awesome idea, hope you get it figured out and are able to share the idea publicly...it gives me some great ideas for obstacles.