Fatboys landscaping.

Hmmm, was going to throw up some updated pictures but it seems I know longer have a "upload image" function.
I've spent a lot of time lately on the map and feel like I'm getting nowhere.....Anyways....onward and upward.

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@fatboy yeah I noticed that as well, just use imgur and copy and paste the link in your post.

I see our ability to upload pictures has been restored. Getting closer to finishing up my current project. I've got one more section of map to finish and do some polishing. As of the past week or so I've just been polishing as I'm not completely sure on what to do with the rest of the map.
0_1542491847560_20181117133124_1.jpg 0_1542491861216_20181117132526_1.jpg 0_1542491874625_20181117132203_1.jpg 0_1542491887380_20181117131959_1.jpg 0_1542491909579_20181117131844_1.jpg 0_1542491918883_20181117130932_1.jpg 0_1542491925666_20181116220844_1.jpg 0_1542491936973_20181116220345_1.jpg 0_1542491944801_20181116220057_1.jpg 0_1542491952388_20181116215121_1.jpg 0_1542491957138_20181108201110_1.jpg 0_1542491974775_20181103191409_1.jpg 0_1542491982210_20181103190919_1.jpg 0_1542491987469_20181103184843_1.jpg 0_1542491996378_20180921203904_1.jpg 0_1542492002723_20180921203458_1.jpg 0_1542492105341_20180707203047_1.jpg

@Fatboy awesome!! Great looking map,.... 😉

hi, are you doing all of the terrain in the editor? if so are you using the MRmod's expanded size and height options? also do you keep All of your models/assets in the Editor, or bring in only what you are using? _RUFUS

Yes all terrain is done in the editor, the map is not oversized, I tried the height mapping thing and it seemed like alot of extra work for something that nobody would know. I have enough problems trying to finish a standard size map and also have seen others make oversized maps and they seem to have shadowing issues. I do use STMod though for steeper terrain and for the error reporting. As for the models, I try to only have what I think I'm going to use, my first map I loaded in 100 different models and at the end it was a nightmare to try and sort it out and get a working copy into the workshop. Right now I probably only have 20 or so custom assets in my editor and only using 7 I think on this map.

@fatboy i think that the 'too many models' is screwing me up.. i can't get the map to package up properly for the workshop either. i stopped trying the oversized base. but setting the height up to 128 has been really reliable. even if i don't really go past the 64, the 128 is nice even if is for only one or two mountain peaks or valleys, to have that 'little extra'.
_however You do it, the most recent pics, look great! look forward to the updates..._RUFUS

Pretty much at just a polishing stage now...minus the swampy area which I have no clue what to do with, I'm not a big fan of mud. Anyways if anyone is interested in test running this map and is willing to offer some feedback, good or bad it would be much appreciated, I've run this thing so many times everything looks the same. I would prefer to have people test it that will offer some sort of feed back, missing textures (dont think there will be any) missing distributions I.e. grass, bushes etc...I did so much bouncing around in this map I may have missed some small areas, I've used a couple different rocks so some opinions on how the rocks look together etc. All obstacles have been beat by at least one truck, some obstacles will require a buggy type vehicle but there are bypasses on most of them. If you're interested shoot me a PM with your Steam username and I'll add you so you have access. I would like to release this in the next week or so depending on how testing goes.

Saturday Dec 22nd will be release day, couple more screens shots.
0_1545341250359_20181219143653_1.jpg 0_1545341308525_20181219140013_1.jpg 0_1545341354650_20181219135906_1.jpg 0_1545341369414_20181216215430_1.jpg 0_1545341382282_20181215224208_1.jpg 0_1545341397739_20181215223155_1.jpg 0_1545341406562_20181215222028_1.jpg 0_1545341415890_20181215221615_1.jpg 0_1545341423440_20181215221423_1.jpg 0_1545341432857_20181215204606_1.jpg 0_1545341449938_20181215202520_1.jpg 0_1545341466701_20181215203309_1.jpg

Looks like a good map man