Display improvements in multiplayer lobby

Hi guyz,

I would like to know if it was possible in the future :

  1. to display game level difficult =>> Important information because it is not the same to play easy than no mercy :)))

  2. to regroup Codex / Non codex games in the same page. I ask this because lot of people have not understood that they have to set Non Codex criteria to display servers list using this rule.
    Personnaly i prefer to host Non codex because i like to see a progression in the game (for example, apoth not having the 3 abilities + hellfire gun at start, tactic not having flamers, etc), i find it more motivating and stimulating. So i have few players joining because lot of people have not understood they have to select non codex setting.
    I have a friend who told me "i can join you but i dont see ur server in game list" <= he had no understood the setting point !! 😃

Thank you !

Seeing if games have friendly Fire turned on/off, and being able to search/filter for this, would be very useful for players who want FF on games.

EDIT: another thing to adjust would be on the filters make them "YES", "NO" and "ANY".
ie: both YES and NO at once, which would resolve the second point above.

Adding "Display full lobbies" with Yes/No/Any too obviously.

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The "any" option is definitely in the back of our mind. The rest of your suggestions are out there among our possibilities. Thank you for your feedback! 👍

@streumon-f8 you mean it is not possible to get Codex / Non Codex games in the same page ? :o

Yes, that's why they are on about adding 'any' to the existing filter. If you selected that, you'd see both game types up.

I suggested this shortly after they released EE (along with most of what the Op did) , but it just goes to show what a bad job they did. Sorry dev, but realistically you know this never have been released without all these basics.

@mr-b This is why i don't respect this industry anymore.
You buy a new product and wait month for it to work properly.

@psyco don't get me wrong, I totally get bug fixing and balancing. But I expect the core of game basics on a £35 game.

yeah i dont get why these informations are not given since the first version its the most normal thing in the gaming world ...................