Bug Old Morgue Chapter 2


I have a bug in Chapter 2. I gave the fatigue medicine to the patient (and pretty much all other patients in the docks I could reach) in chapter 1. After that I went to bed but when I was told to go the old morgue the game registered the quest as complete and told me the next one (A rat in the hospital). I could enter the morgue but there were no quest indicators but the most problematic one is that the key to the basement is missing meaning I can't unlock the gate to the basement which also bars me from the side quest.

Could you somehow fix that? Seems really like something that should have come up in playtesting...

Hi there,

So you made the fatigue medicine before the game asked you to do so? This is an issue that we're aware of, and that we plan to fix in an upcoming patch for the game. Thank you so much for posting this here.

Had the same thing happen to me as well 😕

SPOILERS. I just made a account on here just so I could explain my situation which doesn't concern this bug, but here it goes. My bug is on the Occult oculus quest given by Mason Swanborough i GAVE him all the Braille pages and it didnt count the 4th page so I never got a quest update. When I gave him the 4th page he said something about finding the laboratory, but that's it, no quest update, says I still need to give him the 4th page. Please help.

I have the same bug on Occult Oculus. I didn't skip dialogue or anything, but it just never registered when I handed him the last page, and since it auto-saved after the conversation, I can't just reload the game. I'm in chapter six and don't want to reach the point of no return and not be able to complete it 😕

I have same issue on chapter 4 still can't access the morgue basement.

This why I rent games because of over paid lazy programmers not doing there job and making sure ALL achievements will unlock.

Instead they charge us £50 for games they know don't work

Yo same bug here! I try to get the all weapons trophy which Im not able to get since I cant get the cellar key for the used liston knife..

I hope we are able to get the key after the next patch.

Today I got a mark for an unkown event on the map right before the entrance of the morgue but there is nothing I can do. I entered the morgue again but still nothing.

Having the same issue, which is very disappointing since I was really enjoying the game up to that point. Cant see myself continuing to play if this breaks a sidequest.

Please fix your game.

You have to restart the game. It affects chapter 6 too, Asylum becomes locked completely. I'm hesitant to CONTINUE my glitch free current game, until they fix everything. I paid 92 effing dollars for what's basically a beta test, I am less than impressed. Use a PS4 USB to save if you can.

Hi all!

if you're encountering this issue, could you please send me your save file using WeTransfer? We're currently working on a fix and need save files to test the fix against, please.

@iyagovos I'm having exactly the same issue. I made the fatigue medicine before entering into the old morgue (so I never accessed to the basement) and so the investigation "The harder they fall" never started for me.

Now I'm in Chapter 4 and the Morgue underground key / Morgue basement key doesn't spawn in the table of the room where the key should be located, so it's impossible for me to access the old morgue basement, which is very disappointing, as I want to complete all the investigations.

This is my save file: https://we.tl/IXlp37KWuC

Could you fix it please?


Same exact thing happened to me. I made the medication before going to the morgue. After giving the nurse the medication I did go to the morgue but there was no key. I'm currently in chapter 4 Rising fever and I'm also worried about what I've already missed and if I too will be blocked from preceding because there's no way to enter into the morgues basement. I will try to send my save file, which I've never done before but I will look it up on the internet. If there is any news about a patch that will be available, please somebody Post-it. I was actually really bummed when I first started playing this game because of it's lagging issues and the sub-par graphics but after the story picked up pace and I changed my style of gameplay a little bit more towards an RPG, I really started to enjoy this game and this is really making me think twice about my change of heart. So yes please fix. Thank you

@r3drum I'm in the same exact situation . I'm actually in chapter 4 Rising fever and I'm worried about what I've already missed and of course a situation arising where I'm stuck from proceeding any further. If you got any news on a patch or if they've contacted you with the fix would you possibly let me know and I'll do the same. Thanks, Lucas

Hi both,

I've forwarded @R3dRuM's post to the team, they're taking a look at it now 🙂

@iyagovos said in Bug Old Morgue Chapter 2:

Hi both,

I've forwarded @R3dRuM's post to the team, they're taking a look at it now 🙂

Thank you @Iyagovos. Just wanted to add that my save file is for the PC (Steam) version.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @Iyagovos,

Is there any news? When will be the patch released? Can I have my save file back with the fix applied?

I don't want to continue with the game until this is fixed.

Thank you.

@r3drum Hey there,

The team are still working on a fix for the issue, but I don't have any news at the moment. I'll double check with the team today, and get get back to you as soon as I hear something

@iyagovos said in Bug Old Morgue Chapter 2:

@r3drum Hey there,

The team are still working on a fix for the issue, but I don't have any news at the moment. I'll double check with the team today, and get get back to you as soon as I hear something

Hi again,

Any news? It's frustrating not being able to play the game I paid for because it's broken.

Thank you.

@r3drum Hi, we have an update for this coming very shortly - I don't have an exact date yet, but we have it fixed internally.

Still not fixed? I've downloaded latest patch (1.4 for ps4) released today, but the morgue's basement key is still unavailable and I still can't open the cell... Didn't you say that they're working on it?