Unlimited XP exploit. at beginning of game.

so use a keyboard with a usb plug in. start up the game. go to a hideout and go to the bed. sit in it. while in your powers menu highlight a power and press A. while the screen is transitioning press and hold the keys letter O and Letter P at the same time. and your xp will go up.
It took roughly 120,000 xp for me to level everything up from Lv 1.

This is a huge exploit and kinda ruins the game. cause it is so tempting to do this to get the good ending of the game.

here is a how to video.
Youtube Video


It's a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.

To be honest, by using this you'll ruin the experience and the point of the game, but it's a singleplayer game so that's up to you.

Have a nice day

Why not just have it be an unlocked cheat code after beating the game and just change the buttons for console and lock the trophies when its activated its not often a single player game has codes for cheats even if the are unintended