Vampyr - Technical FAQ - PC

Hi all!

Please find below a link to the technical forums on Steam, where we provide fixes for common issues that are affecting Vampyr at the moment.

Link to Vampyr's Technical FAQ

Hello dev team, I just finished Vampyr and I personally had a blast playing through it. The only criticism I have is that the “Not Even Once” and the “Unlife is strange” achievements didn’t unlock for me I fed the plant around the beginning of chapter 4.

And I finished the game at level 25 with 2,500 xp left over going into chapter 6. I did not kill any of the named NPCs and I didn’t kill or turn any of the key characters.

@cravenmaxer You need to feed the plant three times for it to grow properly.

Did you kill the vicar during the boss fight? This will cause the achievement to fail.

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