Vampyr (PS4) Blackmail in Whitechapel quest bug, can't continue story, got stuck

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Hi all,
If you're playing on PS4 or PC, would it be possible for you to upload your saves using WeTransfer? We'd like to test the fix on those saves.
Thank you!

IDK what that is I am playing on a console. FOR 60 USD it is not my job to fix your game. I dont make as much money as the dev team does.The dude above me uploaded his and its the same issue we are all having. CAN I JUST HAVE MY 60 USD BACK PLEASE? 5 DAYS I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO PLAY THIS GAME.

I am happy to report I fixed it on mine. I realized I had a save file in the PS4 cloud from before you fight the werewolf in the sewer. I reloaded it and overwrote my save file with the glitch and replayed it to the point of the glitch. This time Dorothy was visible and the quest progressed as it should. Phew! I suggest any PS4 players having this problem check their online save files and try using them if they have one.

A little backtracking is better than replaying from the start!

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Having the same issues on Xbox one I was playing this quest and after the cutscene was done I couldn't progress

I'm at the same quest I can't go any further in the story, I've already investigated Darius actions but now it won't let me go any further still stating I need to investigate his actions. Guess I'll stop playing, I hate restarting a game just in hopes it won't happen again on my digital download on PS4. Maybe I'll restart in a few months.

@iyagovos thanks for clarifying. I’d send my save file but I already overwrote it by loading a cloud save from a mission prior.

I hope for everyone else’s sake that a fix is found. The game gets really good after this mission!

@saberwolf What did you do that counts as investigating his actions? It's possible you may have missed one of the objectives.

@droorogers We're working on it right now, did the cloud save you loaded fix the issue?

@iyagovos when you first knock on the door and he tells you he doesn't know anything but than you turn on your vampire senses to investigate Darius to see glowing hearts so I followed to the area where I could listen in on him talking to the nurse but she was not at the door Darius opened. I could hear both voices though so after I found out he knew where she was I turned off my senses after they were done talking and I'm stuck. I seen on YouTube that after that I'm supposed to go talk to other people about it but it still says I need to investigate his actions.

@iyagovos it did. My cloud save was from right before fighting the werewolf in the sewer so wherever the glitch came from it had to be at some point in the game after that.

@saberwolf It sounds like you've not finioshed the objectives - you need to go to an area where there is a lot of red blood on the group in Vampire Sense mode.

@iyagovos I have had my vampire sense on a lot in Whitechapel after the Darius convo with the invisible nurse who I'm looking for in ch2 but I'll look for what your saying by staying in vampire sense even though the quest marker still shows I need to investigate Darius actions who I already overheard his convo by going to the pool of blood by the gate like the person who posted the video on this thread.

Waited enough, gonna give it back to Amazon and rebuy it discounted from PSN. Took too much time to fix. I'm happy to spend full price in a game if I can play it. No sense on spending 60€ for 6 hours the first day and then nothing.

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I was going to upload my save, but couldn't find my USB drive. But at this point I too am going to be trading the game in. It is unfortunate because I was looking forward to this title for quite a while, but there hasn't been a single update released since launch. This experience will definitely be informing my decision to buy any more of your games, Dontnod.

@iyagovos don't know how to upload a picture here or a video but I was all over Whitechapel in vampire sense and nothing. When you first knock on Darius door (the very FIRST TIME) he answers and turns you away. Then I turned on my vampire senses to go around the building (Because I seen the glowing hearts) where I found a blood pool and I get to the fence with the blood pool while listening to Darius talk to the nurse who was not at the door (she was invisible) after the conversation I overheard Darius and the nurse have ( I should be going around talking to others about Darius) but I can't because I'm stuck with the ch2 quest saying Investigate Darius Petrescu actions.... I have already done so.

@iyagovos on further investigations on my game I noticed the start of the bug in question for me atleast. When you receive the key to open the morgue. I ran around to talk to ppl and when I talked to the nurse dorothy it it glitched out and continued on like I went inside the morgue and I did not. So after playing up to this mission where Darius opens the door to talk to dorothy she is like a ghost and you don't even see her standing there.

I have also noticed that in the character screen where you have the serums the up and down position are reversed to what shows in the combat screen so if you but healing serum in up position you will need to hit down to use healing in combat.

I just started over and it worked, I just hope I don't run into the same problem or any other problems. Went faster since I skipped a lot of conversations but now I'm on track glad it was only ch2.

Same problem for me. However my second file I had to create got past it. In my original game when I approached the door I had knocked twice. I got the first speech then pretty much the same speech once I hit x again. The guy walks to the back and talks with Dorothy, who was invisible, and then no prompt came up after wards. I went to the safe house and when you walk out and it loaded back into white chapel I got the prompt to investigate Darius. He just stood around his house doing nothing.
Second time around I just knocked once and then used the vampire sense. Got the scene with Dorothy where she was visible and now I’m able to continue.
I don’t know if that really helps anyone... but there you have it