Vampyr (PS4) Blackmail in Whitechapel quest bug, can't continue story, got stuck

@cloudssl99 Thanks for this, that should help the team more, I'll pass that along.

In general, everyone here created the fatigue potion before going to talk to Nurse Dorothy, right?

I can also confirm that this is happening on Xbox One as well, looks like all three platforms are experiencing this bug, really hope this gets solved as I really don’t want to restart.

Can confirm this bug is happening on Xbox One. Hope it gets solved as I really don’t want to have to restart

I've also got this bug (Xbox One). I did create the fatigue potion before talking to Nurse Dorothy and also gave it to Mortimer Goswick before I was instructed to as well as a couple others who where suffering from fatigue. I also knocked on the door for Darius Petrescu a couple of times before going around to the blood pool on the side of the building to listen to the conversation. I could hear her talking but she was invisible. Just like others here 'Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions' didn't complete and I'm stuck on this objective.

Any chance yall are going to fix this. Having the same issue on PS4.

@jmcozart We are going to fix this, yes. We're hard at work on a fix currently, but we don't have a fix for it at the moment.

Same problem on Xbox One, no fix yet?

@pronyoman have you tried talking to the reporter and the poet?

@pndr of course I did, no use, they do not offer the quest option in the dialogues

@pronyoman if you were playing on pc I would just send you my save file, as you haven't got that far into the game.

@pndr Can you send me your save game file please? I want to try my luck i am also stuck and they arent doing anything about it for weeks -.- my E-mail is

This Darius bug has made me nearly abandon this game. I love it and even paid full price for it. This issue HAS to be fixed immediately!

@madnesskreation yeah I'll send a save game to you, it will be a no kill file

@madnesskreation and anyone else who wants it
here is a link to my save file, this is right after Dorothy and Darius talk, and the objective changes to talking to the poet and reporter.

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@pndr thx man . I was playing this with wife and we were bored to death by this bug... This is probably the longest i have waited for team to make a patch for this bug! I can't say that its easy job,but hey man a month a no patch,you must be kidding me !

@pndr Save Game forks fine just tried it,thank you once more 🙂

Does the new update contains the fix for the bug?

Altough I restarted the game because I didn't want to wait for a decade for the fix to come and I got a very similar bug in the Newton and Oswald side activity, where I saw that i should investigate their secret dialogue however I cannot listen to it. I am at the right place at the canal near the iron fence but i cannot press X to investigate the dialogue... @Iyagovos do you have any solutions for these "investigate people's actions" quests?

@madnesskreation your welcome, I think the patch is coming out tomorrow should keep stuff like this from happening, so download it as soon as possible.

@Pronyoman see above sentence.

@pronyoman You're stood in the red area? If you're unable to proceed after the latest patch, please let me know.