Vampyr (PS4) Blackmail in Whitechapel quest bug, can't continue story, got stuck

@iyagovos yes i stood in the red area, i was just walking on the street and suddenly the "investigate" icon appeared at the characters and i went into the red area i saw that they started talking but the eye icon and the press X option disappeared. I thought it was because the event finished so i waited till they start the event again but i no longer have the eye icon and the press X option... I was recording my play so i have video proof again if my description wasnt clear enough.

I downloaded the patch yesterday night, but it was too late and i couldnt check if the problem is still there, this evening im gonna play again so i will check it.

@pronyoman Thanks, I've passed that on to the team to take a look at

@Iyagovos Even with the new patch, I'm still having no luck. Darius is no longer standing at the door I knocked on. He is now standing in front of Dorothy's door, but no red circle is popping up at the gate. I'm staring right at Petrescu and cant do anything. I let the game idle for 10 minutes, just staring at him with my vampire sense on. The red cloud circle (whatever you want to call it) will not show up. I've restarted the game several times. I've gone and talked to other citizens and returned to the gate to see if something would change. Nope. I still need to investigate Darius Petrescu's actions, but I cant. I'm about as irked as I could possibly be and I would appreciate some help on the matter

@jmcozart Hey there,

Sorry for not responding the other day, I did pass your issue on to the team as well. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of where it is you're standing, just so I can confirm you're in the right place? What platform are you playing on, please? Also the PS4?

@iyagovos hey thanks! I didnt think you were ignoring me...I just figured you didnt see the first message because I didnt tag you. I am playing on ps4. I wasnt sure how else to share a screenshot besides giving you an imgur link.

alt text

@jmcozart Sharing an imgur link is perfectly fine 🙂

@iyagovos I realized the image was set to private so I'm not sure if you could see it. I made it public now. Thanks again

@jmcozart That's fine!

I'm looking into the issue more today, I've passed the link along to the dev team as well.

same exact thing as others said crane was not there and got bugged ps4

i reloaded a save went right there without exploring or doing anything else,followed the instructions exactly,she appeared and all went fine. fours hours of exploaring and leveling up,do not talk to anyone in the middle of this,all the advice and i can give and be sure to back your saves up.

Still experiencing this on Xbox One. Darius is just standing in front of the door and there is no blood to be found. Cross referenced a few YouTube videos and it seems I’ve done nothing wrong and I am standing in the correct spot. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate that. Have been grinding this game and don’t want to restart. Thank you 😃

I just bought this game the past weekend and started my game with patch 1.04 installed however, I have just got to this chapter and am having the same issue. After talking with dresciu and following him to the back door to watch his interaction with dorothy, the game bugged out and now he is standing at the door doing nothing. After this happened I was unable to speak to anyone. After restarting the game i can again speak to characters but dresciu is still standing by the door and the quest will not advance. I am playing on ps4.

@dspada27 Hi there,

We're still looking into this issue, but would it be possible for you to give us your save file?

Please transfer it to us using WeTransfer

Having the same issue on Xbox one. I just started a new game. And because I know all the dialog and such. I skipped the cutscenes. Well Dorothy opened the door and no one was there. I thought it was nothing and skipped it. But now Darius is just standing at the door and won’t move. And I have no objective. AND I couldnt speak to anyone. I rested a night and came back. I can speak to people now. And my objective is back to investigate darius’ actions. But Darius is still standing at the door where Dorothy was. The red cloud thing is gone too.

@trekov Could you also share you save file with me?

Can I use the same link you gave the other guy even though I’m on Xbox?