Fear The Wolves - E3 Trailer


Focus Home Interactive and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R veterans at Vostok Games challenge you to survive in the new Fear the Wolves E3 trailer. Get your first glimpse at the dark setting, player vs environment elements, and endgame extraction of this unique Battle Royale FPS.

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Drop into a radioactive wasteland with nothing but your wits, fists, and whatever you can find to protect you. Deadly mutated wildlife, the organic spread of radiation, unexplainable anomalies, and 99 other players stand in your way on your long march to the extraction helicopter inside the final zone.

To defend yourself you have an arsenal of scavenged weaponry. The trusty fire-axe is a silent killer but won’t do much good as the knife in a gunfight. Abandoned weaponry is scattered around the map, but you will need to scavenge from air drops, other caches and radioactive areas to find the most powerful gear. Everything other player will be after them too - and bringing the wolves with them.

Wolves are the first of our mutants to be revealed. Roaming in packs and picking off stragglers, they have adapted to the radioactive environment and evolved into savage, decaying beasts. While on their own they pose a mere inconvenience, a pack will drain your ammo and leave you injured – or worse – if you aren’t careful. They’re just as deadly and hostile to your enemies, and how you use that will determine your survival.


As the radioactivity of an area worsens, reality begins to break down. Dangerous areas distort and enter flux as they pulse with radiation. In the early stages, the adrenaline from sprinting will stop you taking damage, and after that only gas masks and hazard suits will keep the poisonous air and deadly rays out. You are never safe, but you can be more protected than your enemies, using this advantage to access areas they can’t, to loot more and flank them.

Extraction is your ultimate goal. Rather than a slow stalemate, Fear the Wolves challenges players to get out how they came in with a final dash to an extraction helicopter, that accepts just one occupant. The location of the extraction zone will vary game to game, forcing adaptation and rewarding intricate map knowledge. If you manage to wipe out every other player you still take home the victory – so choose your path wisely.

Fear the Wolves comes to PC in 2018, later on consoles. Early Access begins this summer on PC.

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thanks. I hope on e3 we will show something bigger ?
Everyone liked the ussr hymn, he was superfluous, as for me

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what day on e3 will the game be presented ?

It really looks awesome. So much better than PUBG (which I enjoy playing) and STALKER. WOW.


why the ussr anthem ? what period will be in the game? will it be before independent Ukraine ?

@iyagovos said in Fear The Wolves - E3 Trailer:

Drop into a radioactive wasteland with nothing but your wits, fists

Nice I am sold! Never tried something like, highly looking forward to this one for sure.