So I have a problem were I cannot fully upgrade my weapons. By that I mean that I cannot access the "improvement options", e.g. adding blood absorption or increasing damage.

0_1528385575111_Skärmbild (1).png
This is how it looks when I enter the "workshop". I cannot move my mouse more to the right where the improvement options are suppose to be.

0_1528385707211_Skärmbild (2).png
On the other hand, this is how it looks when I view the weapon's details. Here you can clearly see what options you have when improving the weapon.

This feels like a bug, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. I suppose it could have something to do with my settings? I've tried to fix it on my own through the settings but I've had no success thus far and I'm afraid I might mess something up if I'm not careful.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.