Hi there,

I have spent about 30 hours in the beta thus far, and most of that has been building a lot of mixed teams. I play in guest mode and as i recruit and fire players the game halts every time while it sends information back to your servers. The first few times this is quite quick and barely noticable, however the more times i hire and fire players, the longer the delays get. Eventually player portraits start failing to load for several seconds after changing screens, the mouse becomes unresponsive and the framerate drops significantly well after the network transmission should have been finished.

I don't like sharing pc information dumps online, and there is no crash log, but here are my stats:

7700k @5 ghz
16gb DDR4 @4ghz
1080ti 11GB @ 1.7ghz
1TB nvme SSD
25MB/s network connection

Also, i assume you know these ones, but:

  1. the ball never aligns to the player's feet at kickoff
  2. player's main stats are often show the wrong numbers while inspecting a prospective recruit
  3. new recruits preview models don't use your team colours.
  4. skaven underworld don't like passing to regular skaven.
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