Chapter 6 antidote bug/glitch

No McCullum in graveyard to get the king Arthur blood from hear his voice and other creatures are there though

i have same thing. No McCullum in graveyard to get the king Arthur's blood
and can also see other creatures are there which can be killed
but no sign of McCullum

i have obtained both other parts already
william marshall's blood from lord redgrave
insulin in old morgue of pembroke hospital

but can not get king Arthur's blood to carry on the quest
how am i suppose to finish chapter 6 to be able to carry on with the game ?

i managed to find him.

he looks just like an ordinary hunter except he has a crossbow on one arm and what appears to be a rifle in his hands.

are there any approachable hunters there near the quest marker who don't shoot you on sight ?

I killed everything killable in that whole graveyard. And no sign of him. No new items in inventory either. Exited out of game and restarted it. Nothing

Got exactly the same issue, McCullum is nowhere to be found. Please look into this issue

Hi all,

I'm looking into this now - what platform is everyone playing on, please?

Can you also try resting? This should respawn McCullum if he's not there currently.

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am having same issue on youtube someone wrote to rest then come back this will reslove i even tried that killed all people i cant see mcullum as i saw other youtubers has that mcullum on the same graveyard

goto a hideout rest and return to the cemetary he should now be there if not return to the hideout rest reset your powers and return

@desi The fix that I suggested? Resting? 🙂

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