With regards to e3...

I would like to know what the plans are for bfg2 when it comes to e3. I have scoured the Internet, and so far all I have been able to figure out is that every new focus home game except Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 will have some kind of showing there.

I am starved for some new info on the game and would deeply appreciate any official response.


Although Tindalos Interactive won't be at E3, we're working on content for the community (videos, articles, images...) showing more of the game and its new features and they should arrive later this month.

Have a nice day!

while that's not the best of news, that is the next best thing. the advantage is that the bfg2 news doesn't get lost in all the other news being released next week

@netheos Thanks, that's all I needed to know.

@netheos More news updates like this every now and then would make the community as a whole much happier.
Don't need exact dates for releases, or a video or post everyday, just let us know roughly when we can expect things to come out about this game, something a little more precise than "Soon".

Almost the end of the month.. I'm hoping we see something super soon!

only two more days
the suspense is killing me!

i've also been hoping to see what they have been working on lately

๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ‘
thanks for not disappointing!
hope to see similar for other factions

@ashardalon have you seen something ?
i checked everywhere and did not see anything new exept the who'se that pokemon ship on the facebook page ๐Ÿ˜ถ

@ashardalon Was something announced? I can't find anything new.

just the whos that pokemon picture
but it hints at chaos having a full battleship list which is a very good sign
its not big, but if you look back a while i said that i didnt need much
now i hope they continue this, letting us guess a new pokemon every week

I second that notion, I would love to know which ships wont make it into the expanded lists.

tbf we already knew that chaos would be getting more ships so it's not really any news

That ship isn't new. Thats clearly a Despoiler, isn't it?

@ansark They said it was new, so if its battleship (Which it almost certainly is with that silhouette), that can only be a Desecrator Class Battleship which was the missing warship for the Chaos roster.

If that pokemon like foolishness was that โ€content for the community โ€ later that month that was overwhelmingly disappointing.

@ansark It's not a Despoiler, no.

@iyagovos Looks alot like a Desolator to me. Don't know what the Desecrator looks like so it could possibly be that too. Fairly certain its a Desolator tho. It's got the prow torpedo launcher with the two small pillars not located on the Despoiler, so that's ruled out. I think i can also make out two super heavy missile pods inbetween the deck and the two pillars which the Desolator has. As i said tho i don't know what the Desecrator's arsenal is so it could also share some of these things.

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