With regards to e3...

@solaire You're correct, it is a Desolator!

It seems I was also correct, I just confused the name Despoiler with Desolator.

You might not believe me, but I can prove it:


The same applies. Its not a new ship.

@ansark I wonder if it's going to be as useless as it was in the first one. Same lance damage as Acheron battlecruiser. Despoiler does more lance damage then Acheron and Desolator, has decent side macros and 4 launch bays. The torpedoes aren't really used that much considering Chaos aren't really brawlers.

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so.. its confirmed a Desolator class.... they said '' Can you identify this new ship coming to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 based solely on its silhouette? ''

but the Desolator is already in battlefleet gothic armada ...... not many people uses it over the despoiler but its there, i don't know whats new about it ....

this tease feel more like a fan post than an actual tease from the devs...

i don't know i expected something else i guess

not desolator, it's a desecrator. spelled pretty similar

-looks back up to previous posts- shoot now i'm confused

odd they gave it a despoiler bridge deck. what if it is the Wage of Sin, the emperor's children battle barge

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it has the same model in BFG:A1 .... i went back and check if they changed the double bridge

it just prove how unused this thing is... if the twin linked were heavy batteries maybe it would have more play time 😅

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Last week, we asked you to identify a ship based on just its silhouette!
Today, we're happy to announce the Chaos Battleship Desolator coming to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!

but but... i feel like i wasted my time by over thinking


at least if they had made a cool video to say its the desolator & how its different from bfga1 for the reveal

i'm pretty sure it's the exact same modal. the only thing "NEW" about it is that it's confirmed that its in the game.

[sarcasm] big whoop! [/sarcasm]

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well if it has forgetable as bfga1 then they can announce it in the 3rd game! 😄

Thought i'd do a little summary thing, as to why the Desolator is trash in it's current form.
Desolator Battleship loadout:
Broadside weapons(per-side) = 3 double lances
Prow weapons = SH-Torpedo launcher
270 angle = 2 SH-Missile pods

Acheron Battlecruiser loadout:
Broadside weapons = 2 double lances.
Prow weapons= none.
270 angle= 2 single lances, H-Missile pod and H-macro turret.

Despoiler Battleship loadout:
Broadside weapons: 2 H-Macro batteries
Prow weapons: SH-lance turret (4 single lances combined)
270 angle = 3 lance turrets and 4 hangars

Even without looking at the direct stats, the Despoiler has far more versatility and firepower then both the Acheron battlecruiser and the Desolator battleship in the form of lances, macros and ordnance. It shoots more macros so you actually land some hits, has lance firepower equivalent to 3&1/2 lance batteries, ordnance that can be used at any angle and for offense and defense.

The Desolator has the same amount of lance firepower on each broadside as all of the lance turrets on the Acheron. Therefore, you get the same lance firepower using an Acheron as you would using a Desolator if you're only firing from one side. The two SH-Missile launchers found on the Desolator do basically the same damage as the macro and missile turrets on the Acheron, only with 3k more range so you get equal macro firepower(Which doesnt really matter since Acheron macros have 9krange anyway). So basically all it has over the Acheron is more HP/Shields and Torpedoes. Now the shielding and hp are all nice, but the Torpedoes are pointless on a ship that's designed to broadside fire at extreme ranges. No point paying for a battleship just for the HP/Shields, when you could get the same firepower cheaper and the same HP/shield value (split across multiple more maneuverable vessels), get 2 Acherons for slightly more, or get the same HP/Shields with far superior firepower for the same price.

It's a shame such a sexy af ship is so useless. Seriously tho, you seen that thing with the khorne favour?

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@solaire The Desolator has 188 base speed and is the 2nd cheapest battleship (excluding the Kroot Warshpere). So getting a slightly bigger battery of lances, more tankiness, more skills and a bit of extra utility over the Acheron without the usually very poor battleship speed means its actually quite usable in a lance-focused fleet. Its not the best, because you still have to invest in improving its turn rate as well as its weapons, but its not 'trash'.

@caliger_reborn Well it is. There's not really any reason to get it. Despoiler is far more effective and easily worth the extra 17 points. You said slightly bigger battery of lances. Well that's the problem. It has the same amount of lances when firing from one side as the Acheron. It only does more then the Acheron when firing from both sides, which you probably won't be doing for 95% of the time. In the right hands it can be decent, but the Despoiler is naturally better and the Acheron is generally more efficient. Only time you really want to consider getting it is if you're going full broadside lances for lolz and have already got 2 Acherons. So it is kinda trash considering the only reason to use it is when you have the max amount of another ship.

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@solaire In my eyes the Despoiler is no better. The weapon batteries on the Despoiler are much worse and the speed of 150 in a Chaos fleet that relies on kiting can be really painful.
Not that I'm saying the Despoiler is bad, not for a second, it has high carrier capacity and good forward firepower with its lances. I just sometimes would much rather have the flexibility and shield-breaking potential of the Desolator than a big Carrier beat-stick.

That being said, it totally depends how you build the fleet. If its a boarding heavy Khornate or Nurgle fleet I'd probably go for the Despolier for the extra assault actions and forward facing firepower, while a more traditional 'kite around the map' chaos fleet with Tzeentch I'd probably go for the Desolator for the mobility, long range DPS and situational area denial. Arguments can also be made the other way, which is why I say they are both about as good as each-other. They are very well balanced against one another.

@caliger_reborn But it has more shield-breaking potential then the desolator? It has the equivalent to 3&1/2 lance batteries whereas the desolator only has 3. I think the crit potential is slightly higher too. The hangars are better then the torpedoes because they can actually be used to attack and also provide defense at any angle. For kiter fleets it's also generally better to just take lighter ships instead of a Desolator. More favours, more maneuverability and vision control. 2 Acherons, a Devastation and 2 hellbringers-mk2 is generally better then 2 Acherons, a Desolator and a hellbringer-mk2. Not denying it's a fun ship to use, it's just not as good as the many other options.

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so we had another ''who's that pokemon''

i really wish their marketing dept. could just start pooring coal into the hype engine ....

This is starting to aggravate me. First a ship that was in the first game and now a ship we already saw in the trailer...they have to start releasing racial trailers this week too if they want to finish them before the beta starts if they are going to be weekly...of course they could do them during the beta too but that would be rather irritating. They should have released something substantial by now.

@nemesor-xanxas Hey, at least it is a new ship this time. Coulda just shown us another bfga 1 ship.

soooo.... we're 2 day from a month since E3 2018.....

appart from the who'se that pokemon we still have no infos from the team, i know focus entertainement is busy with many titles right now but i start to feel like they dont have time to spare this game on their marketing list

as of now the original had more coverage than than this one when it was 2 month from release

this is starting to be concerning, will it be pushed out from a september release ?