The triangle and circle are appropriate for the first and second psychic powers on the PS4 controller, but for the third psychic power it should be the square button instead of the circle along with the triangle. This could be changed with the new PS4 update.

I prefer to keep square as my reload button. With that said, I prefer if the Devs gives us the ability to change our button layout. Give us our options to toggle and hold for sprint (Unpopular choice btw) and so forth. At least that way everyone can decide whatever layout they want without upsetting everyone else.

@lucky_cat Yeah, that makes sense. I was even thinking two Psychic powers would be adequate, instead of three with a push of two buttons. The two Psychic powers could be amplified with progress. It is a little difficult to master the two button push/mash, which makes fine motor skills difficult in times of stress with Genestealers hunting our beloved Battle Brothers.