LE Beta - Goblin Fanatic makes block before rolling for GFI

When using the goblin fanatic (ball and chain), if he makes a GFI and hits a player, the block dice are rolled before the GFI is rolled. The GFI should be rolled first.

I noticed this when my fanatic failed his GFI, after he had knocked the opposition player over.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

No, the block is first. GFI is rolled for after the player has moved to the square he wants to GFI to.

LRB6 page 20:

When a player takes any Action apart from a Block, he may try to
move one or two extra squares over and above the number that
he is normally allowed to move – this is called ‘going for it’ or
GFI. NOTE: if a rule refers to a player’s ‘normal movement’ do
not include the one or two GFI squares.
Roll a D6 for the player after he has moved each extra square.

Note the d6 is rolled after the move.

I think you're thinking of a Blitz Action, in which case you DO roll the GFI before you block because you are paying for the movement square to push back up front. B&C is a Move Action, not a Blitz Action (or even a Block Action) and you therefore move into the square (which may include rolling a block) then roll as per the GFI rules above.

Confirmation from former BBRC member: http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?p=730993#p730993

Fair enough, my mistake, thanks for clarifying. 🙂

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