A Cheat Code that Ruins Game

Hello so I am playing on ps4 and it came to my attention on one of the vampyre groups I am part of that someone figured out how to give yourself infinite XP to level up skills. I tested it and it works on all platforms. I guess people if their playing on consoles they plug their keyboard in and when you sleep in a bed at the skill tree you choose a skill then just hold down P on the keyboard right after getting the skill and your xp goes up long as you hold down P. Some people say you have to hold O and P together but just holding P in worked for me. Please remove this from the game I am sure alot of people would be mad at me for reporting this but it takes the fun out of a game people worked so hard for. Thanks

Ankusuamoon is correct. I am mad at him. Back in the early days cheat codes were a fun addition to games and i loved being able to play with 99 lives, big head mode or god mode. I played vampyr normally and have read online that there is neither a free roam mode or a new game plus mode once the last boss has been beaten. Due to this, to replay the game, i have to start again. I want to start again. Quite frankly, this game is awesome and i haven't enjoyed one this much in a long time. If starting again is the only way to go then i am ok with that but please can you reenable the infinite xp keyboard glitch? I miss feeling all powerful like i did in the good old games. If others do not wish to use it, they do not have to. The same way an allergic person does not have to eat nuts. Noone is forcing them too. I still like nuts and i still like cheats in singleplayer games. Please bring the glitch back, i beg you.