Antidote chapter 6 BUG

I’m trying to get the last part of the antidote which is in the morgue and both doors to get into there are locked. And never got a quest in the earlier chapters to go into there so never got the key. So close to finishing the game and now I’m stuck. Please help

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Is there going to be a patch to fix this? Is this a known problem? Just want to know if this problem is going to be fixed.

Hi, I had to restart my game due to the Morgue basement key not spawing in the building. What glitches it and probably stuffs up future quests like yours is making a fatique potion before you're asked to make one which blocks off an area of the morgue. This quest is given by nurse Crane. Start of chapter 2 I think. Making it and\or curing the patient before getting ingredients from the morgue causes the key to never spawn. It looks like it also restrics acess later on. Until they patch this, restarting is the only option.

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Hi both,

@ltphoenixfire This is a known issue, and is something we're looking into fixing - my apologies on the late response here. I'm chasing the team on it right now.

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@ltphoenixfire What platform are you playing on? Can you provide your save file?

I’m playing on the PS4 and i can provide them. Just need to know how to give them to you.

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@ltphoenixfire You'd just need to upload them to WeTransfer and post the link here. You can transfer them from your PS4 to USB here:

Ok no problems. I’ll post them when I get home from work.

I'm on PC and have not experienced this bug, maybe it's only on PS4?

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