True Dragonbane Problem / Possible Bug


So I'm trying to get the True Dragonbane weapon. I have gathered all the collectibles and checked them for their symbols, I have figured out the order in which to stand on the pressure plates, but the door doesn't seem to open.

I think there might be some bug because I see a flash of the item pickup icon but it dissapears almost instantly after I finish the combination.

I am sure I am standing on the plates correctly, I could go through the effort of posting screenshots and video evidence but I'm not sure how active these forums are, so I'll keep it to this for now.

If there is anything else I can do please reply, or if you have had a similar problem.

I have the very same thing! I spent over half an hour already trying to get this but it keeps being blocked 😕 I'm really sure I have it all right but ugh.
And not only it blocks one of my achievements, I'd just want to use it against the Disaster as I'm playing pacifist run and didn't have many problems before (since I kept doing all the sidequests but now I don't have any more left) but now in the endgame even a bunch of Priwens are tough for me. (Yeah, it also is a fault of the fact that I keep turning people.)

EDIT: OH GOD I just did it. You have to wait for the plates to stop making noises, both when you step on and off it.

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@whitenerine This is correct, @PrecookedEagle could you let me know if this worked for you?

Sorry it took me so long to reply to this 😞