change balance points for my map

__these questions for the map i'm making
__ I cannot find any info on how to increase the balance/starting points (used to select trucks). it keeps only allowing
5 balance points.
__also how do I change/adjust the garage points needed for each garage locator, and how to have the garage open, no garage points needed unlocked, i prefer for them to be unlocked for my map. ??
__ these questions have me stumped? if anyone could help me with some solutions, i will be more than grateful! _RUFUS

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The balance points depend on the amount of balance points from the starting trucks plus one and at least it's five. So, if you can select three C-class trucks with three balance points each, your map has 3*3+1=10 balance points. If you want the player to be able to select four trucks, you have to place one active and unlocked truck on the map and three non active and unlocked trucks next to it. If you want the map to have 20+1 balance points, place four E-class trucks on the map with five points each.
Locked trucks that can be found somewhere on your map do not count, they can not be selected and do not count to the balance points.
Garagepoints can not be changed, it's four in singleplayer and eight in multiplayer.
Garages are always closed, if you want to have one garage to be open, you have to place the active and unlocked starting truck next to the garage.

thank you! the balance point process works great, TY again.. Rufus
PS__I have noticed a few maps that offer more than one garage ( 2 or 3) and have 2 unlocked garages. mostly Russian maps. and only a few.