Why does the A.I. "never" pass the ball?

Why does the A.I. (IA) "never" passes the ball?
Note: Why in quotation marks? Well, I was going to post this topic yesterday, but first tried searching for similar topics and found some very old ones. It seems only elf teams might attempt passing the ball.

So earlier today I started testing this and played against the 1000TV Wood Elf team on Medium difficulty, and during the first half it did pass the ball. I was speechless and emotional at the sight of it and the thought of seeing more. And of course it had to be an impossible super long pass, it had to re-roll, and also successful. I had to hit "record that" on my Xbox One because of fear I may never see the AI do this again.

So I started this topic because I have played the campaign, which is 15 games long, plus 30-something games since I purchased BB2LE and this was only the second passing attempt the AI has done. The first time it was during the campaign mode playing versus a dark-elf team.

Furthermore, in my experience, the AI(IA) certainly has never attempted a hand off when it can nor a foul even though it positions players to do it. Not even when a drive is about to end and there is no other way it can score.

@Cyanide/developers: Can't you add this to non elf teams? I mean, at least so the AI will try it as a last resort. The same goes for hand-off and foul. It looks like its super late for BB2 (Late? tell that to the Rainbow Six Siege team)


Try it against High Elves. In my memory, they often employed the optimistic 'let's rush a few catchers forward and then pass to one of them' approach (not unlike some human high elves players).

In my experience the AI only passes the ball if it would lead to a Touchdown. So, it would never pass to a player that has already made its action (and is not in the end zone) or cannot get to the end zone.

Another baffling thing is that it almost never uses Throwers (with Sure Hands) to pick up the ball, if there’s a player with higher AG. Even though I believe AG3 + Sure Hands beats AG4 without Sure Hands statistically (or am I wrong here?).

Because the AI is poor, always has been, always will be.

I mean, it's better than it was (used to put the mino in the backfield to receive the ball, would needlessly dodge players on the LOS away then dodge others back to that position to give an assist), but it's still in no way 'good'.

More generally, the AI doesn't seem to take time into account.

For example they will take risks to try and stop the ball carrier, even when there aren't enough turns left to score.