Occult Oculus Quest bug

So I have gathered 4/4 braille pages and brought it to Mason Swanborough. He will make a comment about needing to find a laboratory. The quest does not update and I'm left wondering what to do next.

^^^ Same. Pls fix - I don't want to eat Mason yet.

Hi both,

Thanks for this, I'm talking to the dev team now to let them know you're both encountering an issue with the quest.

Can you both confirmed that you did the quest in the following order?

"1 - Find a text in braille
2 - Find Mason Swanborough to read the document (he is in a hidden house inside a court, which is in the alley between the Whitechapel entrance near the Church and the cimetery)
3 - Search the 3 other texts
4 - Go back to Mason Swanborough
5 - Give him all the pages
6 - Return into the sewers (the same where one of the text in braille) and unlocked the door leading to the top in the laboratory
7 - Kill the Saint Paul's chemist
8 - Collect his diary
9 - Go back to Mason Swanborough and talk to him
10 - Choose between : give the treatment / keep the treatment

I'm having the same problem: I've collected all the pages, but when returning the last one to Swanborough there is no option to talk to him about it. This bug needs rectifying as it's been an issue the devs should have been aware of for months!

@trynet Hey there,

What platform are you playing on, please?

Hiya @iyagovos ,
I'm on a PS4. Do you know if there is a way around this issue?

@trynet I don't, but the issue should have been fixed in our recent difficulty update I'm going to look into it for you.

Many thanks. I did try to finish the job after the last update, but no luck, I'm afraid.

I've the same problem ! The quest is bugged 😣 The quest don't update though i've the all 4 braille pages 😞 I need the achievement " Lore keeper "

I am having a similar problem. I am trying to give him the last braille page, but he keeps on saying they need the page with the location. I am on PC.

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