Adeptus Astartes Trade Union.........

0_1528614867326_A381F1E6-9BE8-4DDC-9A75-8FEB0ADDAE82.jpeg As the delegated member for the Allied Workplace and Fair Practices Union, I’d just like to to bring to attention the obvious budgetary cuts that the hardworking and long term Union member that is the Dark Angels Chapter are currently enduring. There has been no official documentation to advise the imminent sharing of facilities with the dubious and very common members of the various Guard units in this sector, so you can believe my surprise where upon conducting my usual weekly inspection of the armoury, cafeteria, gymnasium and sun lounge, that I was to walk into this atrocious sight! Can you fathom, a rack of Goddwyn Pattern Bolters, the finest offensive scalpel in the Adeptus Astartes armoury, situated in the same vicinity as Guardsmens sweaty lockers and their feeble laser tag ‘rifles’!!!! I expect a full explanation and that this blight be remedied post haste or, my fine sirs, expect Union muscle to be forthcoming. The dreaded Strike option is not off the cards. Good day🧐

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Yes, strikes... ....DEEP STRIKES loud zealous screaming through a battle-scarred vox grill

@tiitinen of course! The spirit of the Adeptus Astartes would never see rallies and holding placards as any type of true strike other than to get the menu changed at the cafeteria or possibly new soft towels for the spa and sun lounge! For this type of blight to our esteemed organisation it needs Drop Pods, Deep Striking Tactical Dreadnought Armoured Marines, Thunderhawks all following up the initial Scout Snipers and rapid attacking Land Speeders! The Administratum of the Catering and Internal Decoration Division will know the folly of mixing lesser ‘warriors’ of the Imperium with such walking demigods as our illustrious organisation’s weapon storage and lockers. 😡🤬☠💀