I just bought the enhanced edition for PS4 a couple days ago. Since then I’ve experienced annoyingly long load screens, clunky controls that don’t seem to handle consistently, graphics and textures that don’t load in properly, and other general lag. What’s most agitating is I literally cannot play online. My internet is fine, and yet it takes me a glitchy, frozen eternity to log into a game. I slaughter maybe three xenos, and then the game freezes. Then I’m treated to an error that says I’ve lost connection to the host. The PS4 should be able to eat this game alive graphically, and run it without issue. Can you please fix this? All of it, including the connectivity. How can I possibly earn renown and upgrade my wargear when I can’t even come close to finishing a match? Are you going to fix this soon, or should I figure out how to get my money back from GameStop?