(XBOX) Having to repeat league matches

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've really been enjoying BB2 (Legendary Edition) on XBOX, however, this recurring error is really starting to get frustrating. Whenever I play a league game, I keep having to repeat matches.

The game acknowledges that the match has been played, and I keep SPP, injuries, number of wins - all logged in the team's stats, and carried over. However, when I go to play the next match in the league (often straight away - not a game/console exit issue)...it's as if I've not played it, I have to play the same team again.

Before match: https://i.imgur.com/5Ojqy67.jpg

After match https://i.imgur.com/npisPu1.jpg

Although the match is being counted in my team's stats, it's not counted as played game in the League's leaderboard (even though on the Competition icon it changes from Round 0/2 to Round 1/2 - in effect, I have to play 3 matches if it's a 2 match tournament.

I've searched around, and found a few people with similar issues, but nothing exact, and all quite old (previous patch versions). In a few threads, deleting replays seems to help resolve. I've deleted replays, but to no avail, this is still happening. I've tried different teams, different leagues. The screenshots are from an Eternal League tournament - but it happens in non-eternal league too.

Any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated, as it's getting really tiring having to keep replaying the same matches!


So just played the match again - same thing happened. Literally impossible to progress in any form of League games: https://i.imgur.com/vMBJId3.jpg - I've played 3 matches in this league now, the same one 3 times - yet the progress isn't being saved to the League itself - only the Team: https://i.imgur.com/MgFFdm8.jpg

It appears the be the exact same issue that was reported here in February: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/5299/games-played-but-not-saved-in-eternal-league/

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Emails to support ignored and unanswered. No responses on the forum by the devs/community manager. Very dissapointing.

However, after some further searching and experimenting, I managed to finally get the game working, posting here in case of use to others:

On XBox One:

Go into My Games & apps
Go into Games, highlight Blood Bowl 2 and hit select.
Go into saved data
Highlight your user name and hit A
Chose delete everywhere. Next time you log into Blood Bowl you will have to agree to user terms.

This will not delete any of your teams, stats, players, etc, or even coach progress - however, it will delete all leagues. However, on returning to the game, leagues seem to progress much better, and I've yet to get stuck in an endless loop of repeating matches.

This was a fix that was originally reported for pre-patch versions, so I'm not sure why it should have to be done on clean and fresh installs!

I've come across this on PS4 as well. Only playing eternal league so I can play goblins but just played the same skaven team 3 times. Now stuck on wood elves....! I play mp more so need a fix that won't mess with my online teams