Broken Investigation - A Cherished Souvenir

Investigation is broken, I have no option to hand the scarf over to Clayton.
0_1528665428206_Vampyr Screenshot 2018.06.10 -
I can hand it in to Cristina, but that, according to several forums, kills off some hints.

Same issue. Spoke with Clayton and Cristina, selecting the correct dialogue prompts, watched their meeting to get the rest/the quest prompt, and retrieved the scarf but only have the option to give to Cristina.

Any solutions or patches coming? Don't want to give her the scarf and lose the prompts if there's a fix on its way...

I had this problem when I collected the scarf before I saw the conversation, also make sure you talk to both about Clayton's wallet. Also ask Cristina why she needs the money and I think talk to Clayton about it. Did he ask you for the scarf?