Really Stupid skill issue

With a Goblin team, we discovered a issue. Let say that the two trolls are next to eachother and no of the goblins teammates are close to them.

If one of the two Troll rolls for Really Stupid, it is a 4+. That's because another Really Stupid player don't provide the +2 bonus to the Really Stupid roll.

But if this first Troll fails his Really Stupid roll, then the other Troll only needs a 2+ on his own Really Stupid roll. It should be a 4+.

Note : Tested by 2 players in two different matches.

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any update from the devs about this ?

Community Manager

Hello, thanks for your report. It's a known issue and we're working on a fix for the first bug fix update!

We noted all your reports, sorry for the lack of answer!

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