QoL Improvements and Feedback

Crosspost from the Steam discussion forum as there is no real feedback subforum

1. Melee input buffering. Melee is fun but feels unresponsive. Sometimes it feels like I have to click 3 times before it registers another strike. I got my hands on some Lightning Claws with the Claw perk (+40% speed) and added the speed buff to the weapon (another +30% speed). The animations are pretty damn quick but somehow it seems like I attack, then wait 2 seconds and then can attack again. I am not sure if the melee speed should only speed up the animation... I think it should also decrease the delay between strikes, else you do not have a sensible tradeoff for the drop in damage. So if I click rapidly, I would like to have the strikes following up, not register the first input and then everything gets ignored until i happen to click at the right time again and then I attack again. Same issue with Defending, if I strike and hold the block button in the middle, I currently don't parry. I have to initiate after completing the attack. If this could be fixed it would make close combat three times as fluent for me.

2. Weapon zoom. I feel like there is too much zoom to be useful with most weapons and scanners. Instead of giving us more and more and more optical zoom, please give us an upgrade that actually reduces zoom, maybe just 10% more than normal FOV, so I can use the scanner addons better.

3. Tactical Drone. Cooldown simply too long. I would love to play more with the drone but I usually just forget about it because I don't bother using it with the long cooldown timers. The drone is not very helpful but I love the concept and the graphics and I would use it simply for the novelty value. The cooldown restricts that heavily. Waiting for 4 minutes when spawning before you can even launch the Drone is punishing.

4. Screaming Exploders. Just a nitpick here, I hate having to listen to 3-4 Exploders while I am looking at the end result screen and they are really loud. When the scoreboard comes up, can the sounds fade out? That would be very nice.

Overall I still love the game. The design and the atmosphere is great and there is simply no other game that comes close currently for 40k. I would give my left kidney if you could play as Chaos Terminators just for fun or if there were different enemies at some point like Orks, even though it doesn't fit 100% into the Space Hulk lore. Well the Chaos Terminators would actually fit to some extent. More toys are always a lovely timesink!

Seriously though, if you add Chaos Terminators as DLC option, I would pay for that. Few different weapons and mostly modelling. And it would be so worth it.

Thank you devs for creating the first 40k shooter that I can really sink some time into.

Noted. Thank you for your feedback! 👍