I'm unable to pre-purchase the game

OK, the steam pre-purchase page for Insurgency:Sandstorm is live. Here it is.


As the person who has the closed alpha key, is it possible that I could purchase this game to myself and keep it as a gift? As of right now. I can't purchase my own copy because I have a product already own on Steam, despite the fact that I already had the closed alpha key for Sandstorm. Can any dev/publisher look into this issue?

U should first remove the closed alpha game from ur steam library then u can buy the beta version/pre-order version

I’m actually curious of us console players are able to pre-order or no..?

I haven’t been able to find it anywhere and I just wasn’t sure if we could pre-order yet or not..?

@jsparks819 It not available for Console as of right now. There still a chance it will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One sometimes during Q1 2019.

It possible that there might be an alpha/beta build you could playtest before the game officially launched on console.