Occult oculus

Welp turned in all 4 pages to the dude and no progression.

Known bug?

From https://www.gameskinny.com/zoh7j/vampyr-known-bugs-glitches-and-their-fixes
"Occult Oculus Quest
During this quest, you're tasked with acquiring four different Braille pages to hand to Mason Swanborough. He acknowledges you giving him all of the pages, except for the last one.

When you go to hand him the fourth page, Mason makes a comment about you needing to find a laboratory -- though, the quest does not update and you're left wondering what to do next.

As of right now, the developers have not commented that they know of this bug or if a solution is being worked on. Should you run into this issue, make a blog post on the Vampyr forums. A community member on the page will likely see it and bring it up to the developers as quickly as possible."

Several posts referencing this, no replies.
So, developers?

Also having this issue. Patch or workaround please? I'm getting to the point where I'm about to eat Mason out of sheer frustration.

Hi there,

A couple of players have reported this issue, and we're looking into it now - we're aware of a rare issue where the bug appears, but are having troubles reproducing it. Could you remind me of the steps that you took while completing this quest?

So I thought I was having the same issue, but apparently the quest wasn't broken for me. I wasn't keeping count of how many braille pages I had found and it turns out I was one short. The reason I was confused is the quest said "Turn in braille pages to Mason Swansborough 4/4". In my mind, 4/4 would mean I've turned them all in. Looked up where the lab was, went there, and I found the last page. So I guess the quest wasn't broken (for me at least). The quest steps were just misleading.

I found the braille text on the docks body first, then the one in the room where you save Cadogen Bates. Found, talked to & gave Mason those two, then found the one in the sewers and then the dress shop. Went back to Mason- he acknowledges receiving the 3rd but won't accept the 4th (shows 3/4 complete). I've looked at all 4 in inventory & retraced my steps to be certain I picked them up. Don't know if story progression plays a hand- I was trying to finish as many investigations I could before proceeding. Right now it's wanting me to start Shadow Cabinet.