Opening the AI-tools to the community

During a steam-forum-discussions about AIs I stumbled across an old dev blog post from three years ago (before BB2 was released). One of the most interesting points in it was this sentence:

Potentially, this same toolbox would allow us, post-game release, to open the AI scripting to the community.

Of course, I know, what the word "potentially" means, so I don't want to complain here, that we don't have these tools available already. However, I still wanted to ask, whether this is still a "potentially" or a "most likely not".

Just to add a suggestion to the question: If these tools were made available to the community, we could organize an AI-league, in which the winner would get implemented 😃 (as an additional difficulty setting for the current AI)

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That's something I'd love to do, but it's not possible for now.

Maybe once Legendary is launched and things are running smoothly, we'll talk about this again.

Thank you for the fast reply, of course I know that you have different things to worry about now. So I guess, be prepared to get this question asked again in smoother times ;).

+1 for opening the AI to the community.

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