hi just bought this game for my ps4 this week the complete edition.

so decided to do the campaign which was good up until now

afterwards it said your only limited to play once a day only

can someone explain why this is in the game to begin with
as this is not a free game but paid for
so there should be no waiting every day to play this game

question is why are they limited it to only playing once a day
and there should be a update to remove this and let me play when i ever i want to
as i really want to play this more then once a day only

every reviewer on the internet does not say that
hey you can play the campaign once a day only

would like to see this removed and let me unlimited play the game
rather then waiting a 24hrs

anyone like to tell me why this is happening

this would be class as a free game by locking you out of the campaign every single day
this needs to be removed and let us play it when we want too.


Community Manager

Hi there,

As far as I know, there isn't a limit on how many times per day you can play. Could you provide a screenshot of where you are reading this, please?

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