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@grubdumpling nah that's not what I meant. I love this game but I can't play it for long before me and my friends get bored! I would play this game as much as I could if they had more maps/ mods

@grubdumpling I'm here because I find it very important to get the word out that they can do tons more for this game than they do. And we all spent money on this game and AW I'm assuming so I want the game to be worth it.

@Jayson there's a bunch of stories about floating a jeep across using the current with the engine off, but a b6a will drive the north route no problem. The b6a does take a bit of care to drive, though.

Take the road to the north from the garage, and from the very end of the road, spot a small circle on the map about 60M north west. If you drive straight to it, it's a bit hairy at first, but you can make it with less than 20 damage pts from water as long as you keep the tractor moving. Once you get there, the rest of the way should be pretty obvious, but take the long way keeping to shallows. Once you get to the northeastern island, switch to the k700 or whatever, then it's a long slog to finish the map, but it'll at least get you another four hours out of the game, haha.

Focus home added mods for farming simulator, they can add mods for mud runner easily.
They don't want to and most people who play it on console has already lost interest. I uninstalled it after like 3 or 4 hours and just play it on my pc now. A lot of my friends have xbox and a lot of them would play if it had user created mods for the game.

I have it on PS4, I've max starred every map, completed every challenge, 100% platinum trophy hunted the base game, brought all DLC's, completed all DLC's, brought American Wilds, completed American Wilds, 100% platinum trophy hunted American Wilds, and I still play the game from time to time.

New content or not, I just like driving around and joining random online maps to help people out.

@89cherokeelimit Its not focus adding these things, this is up to the devs. Focus is just a publisher for the games....

They are already telling us that they arent going to be doing anything else with mudrunner.. Except a bug fix here or there... They are on to MR2 now... But even for us PC guys they better go to 64 bit with the new game or they not only will be losing console players but PC players too... Because bringing out a new game when the first one isn't that old yet is nothing more than a quick money grab.... People are finally getting tired of game developers doing that... Just look at what happened recently to bethesda games when they released fallout 76... An unfinished mess of a game.... They can't even give it away... Lol

People are finally getting tired of game developers... Stealing their hard earned money and it's about time... People just aren't willing to put up with game devs crap any more...

@krd1749 It’s simple if you think about it. If modding was allowed for mudrunner on consoles, the creators wouldn’t be able to profit off the DLC packs they intend to sell in the future. It’s a greed (the creators) vs. happy customers (us) situation. I’m all for console mods, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. There are endless possibilities for this game that need to be explored further, but, if nothing improves, the game will tank.

@martinguitar94 I'm not buying into that conspiracy theory. As others said, not bringing mods to consoles is most likely a decision based on the developers' budget and the technical difficulty or limitation of the console platform. If your conspiracy was true, then they wouldn't have allowed mods on the PC either. The devs announced long ago there would be no mods for consoles. So live with it or get a gaming-capable PC. This game doesn't need a fancy PC to run well, just a decent gaming PC from this decade. I don't even understand why people play games on consoles. PC's are so much better in general, especially for 1st-person shooters or strategy games or games that have mods, and are easier to upgrade.

@unster because some people like me can't afford a PC

Oh Boys, is this still in discussion?
Mod will NOT come to MR1 on consoles!

I would like also to have an Helicopter but can‘t afford it. I could cry or just move on.

@jayson said in Mods for console:

@unster because some people like me can't afford a PC

The laptop I bought specifically to play mudrunner was HALF the cost of my ps4.... Just saying. Granted it's not a super computer ave I play at half graphics quality, but I'm playing with mods with ps4 controller and plugged into my big screen tv... 20_1549927425092_downloadfile-210.jpg
Still doesn't look bad at all.

@unster I definitely see where you’re coming from. If it weren’t for my awful WiFi, I’d be gaming on PC, but until then, I’ll have to stick to consoles that don’t require a constant internet connection to perform.

@martinguitar94 said in Mods for console:

@unster I definitely see where you’re coming from. If it weren’t for my awful WiFi, I’d be gaming on PC, but until then, I’ll have to stick to consoles that don’t require a constant internet connection to perform.

Bad Wi-Fi? I use my hotspot from my cell phone to play online lol. Pc didn't require constancy internet to play at all. Just launch steam in offline mode and you're off and logging in single player.

@jayson said in Mods for console:

@unster because some people like me can't afford a PC

But you can afford a console? Maybe you should have purchased a PC instead.

@unster look I'm only 16 I don't work yet like most of you and I'm not one of those kids who their parents buy them anything they want. PCs and even laptops are much more than an xbox

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