[34th] New insurgency clan looking for members


Zone:EU(US players can join too if you dont mind playing on EU servers)
Clan Leaders: Dellta_34 , TheRaider

34th Insurgency division is currently recruiting players for insurgency and insurgency sandstorm.
Recuirements to join:
-Working microphone and ability to communicate in english
-Team work mindset ,ability to follow a plan and play in organized manner.

The goal of the clan is to create a small active team of players and participate in weekly clan events like scrims/practice.
We can use teamspeak for communication(I will provide you with details in private chat)
If you wish to join hit the apply button(in the steam group) and I will add you as friend AND also please post in the steam group New players section.(example:
https://steamcommunity.com/groups/34thInsurgencyDivision/discussions/0/1696050144471004503/ )

34th still open for new members,currently we have 3.

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