Few words from developers!
Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

Hello from Pavel!

So... I've been working on Spintires for maybe 9 years now!

There are a lot of people who helped build and improve this game, from all around the world, some remaining interested in it from the very first versions, and it feels like there is a whole community of Spintires fans - which everyone in our team really value!

We had several releases so far, starting from Havok Physics Innovation contest, then Intel Level Up 2009, Kickstarter version, Spintires Steam released with Oovee, and now Spintires: MudRunner cross-platform release with Focus and Saber!

First of all, I can see some of the players being frustrated about the game being developed in not exactly the direction they would want. A big part of it is that we still have a very small development team so we have to do each small improvement one by one and it takes a long time!

But rest assured, Spintires: MudRunner is much better than its predecessor, and we worked really hard so that it won’t disappoint and will just be a fun and entertaining experience for you! Of course there is always room from improvement, and we will support this game with patches and DLCs, with a big emphasis on modding tools.

Stay positive and stay tuned, best regards!

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I'm very happy that the story of Spintires will continue and it’s nice to see you getting in touch with the community. Also the focus on the modding tools is very welcome!


Pavel, do not stop! Your game is beautiful and dynamic, and we want development more, more and more!)
The game has huge ambitions, the game is unique in its genre, and, probably, this is the only BEAUTIFUL game developed by one person, with great fan support!)
Good luck!

Wow !! Did you say DLC ?? What kind of DLC? Give us more details !! I hope there will be several DLCs.

I have been with you for a very long time and I look forward to your new game next October. I can not help but want to have the game right away !!!!!

Too bad the game comes out in the month when I'm a full-time student ... I will not have much time to play the first few days. 😞

I often watch the demo video of your game at the 2017 Gamescon and look forward to other videos with more features to show us.

I really want you to continue to produce this game for a long time because it is UNIQUE.

I remember the updates you were doing and included photos to show us the changes. I hope you will continue!

I AM A MANIAN FAN OF THIS GAME. Since very young I was looking for a game of its kind.

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I'm really looking forward ... especially for the new modding tools.

подскажите,когда для К-700 сделают аддоны чтоб лес возить можно было на ровне с грузовиками????А то,то трелевочник,то погрузчик.Прицепы для леса сделайте ему пожалуйста.Буду очень благодарен и обязательно куплю новую версию.Просто мне интересен сам процесс доставки леса на тракторе и ни на чем другом.

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@саня Будет прицеп для бревен К-700!
Q: Will K-700 have a trailer that carries logs?
A: Yes it will!

Awesome to see you here Pavel. Thinking As most, those modding tools can't come fast enough.

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Community Moderator - Spintires

Who cares about modding tools, give me a map editor! 😄

Can I get early access for this game?I would to do review and give some opinion.I love the Spintires the graphic,the physic they're awesome.

@Sodoma yup!

Community Moderator - Spintires

@RoughRider I've finished just one map. But it was just a few days before Mud Runner announcement, so nobody cared. I definitely need to put it in new game 😀
BTW, is it Mudrunner or Mud Runner??😕

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Really sweet to see Pavel on the forum - radio silence no longer 🙂

Q: Will it be possible to upload multiple texture sets for one truck mod,
without creating a new truck or the use of addons?

Подскажите, а грязь с кузова будет исчезать как в прошлой версии или будет оставаться?

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@voto.1979 A: Not sure I understand what you mean by textures sets. If you want multiple colorations for a truck, you can use use "inheritance", so differently colored truck is a different mesh/class, but the file itself only differs by texture name/mesh name. You can pack any number of trucks in a mod. So coloring up your truck is relatively easy, and this is part of the reason there is no built-in feature to change truck color - to encourage modders!

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@Сергей-Ермаков Будет исчезать, но теперь она остается дольше и накладывается более реалистично
Q: Will mud decals disappear from the truck as they used to?
A: Yes, but they last longer and are applied much more realistically now

Не сочтите меня придирчивым просто мне и еще многим игрокам кажется, что было бы реалистичнее и атмосфернее, если бы она оставалась на кузове... Возможно ли хотя бы включить в настройки возможность включать такую опцию? Спасибо

@Pavel thank you

I published my mods the way as you described it. Which is the best solution for single player. But your list of trucks is also very fast growing and you can not change the coloring in a running game. That's why some modder for example for example "Bregel" publish his mods in a different way (the cabins are addons) anyway...

It would be create if we could change the coloring (texture set) of the truck in the garage menu ... the same way as we change the tires ... basically a list of paint jobs.

First of all: I'm really happy to see Spintires taking this big step forward!! It's so nice to see the active contact between dev team and community.

I'm messing around with the trucks quite a lot and therefore I have some questions regarding the mod support:
Q1: can the converter convert all trucks and addons, including older ones with separeted .x and .xml files or only newer files that came with the Workshop?
Q2: when Spintires took the step into the Steam Workshop, some values have been changed into "hardcoded" ones, which made it very difficult to achieve a unique setup for a modded truck- will it be possible to customize the engine (torque curve, rpm), suspension/ damping and the friction of the tires again?
Q3: will there be some kind of multiplier for the fuel consumption in order to make a engine more or less effective, independent from its power, weight, tires, and so on?

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@Сергей-Ермаков Не хочется делать слишком много настроек в игре. Мы постарались выбрать оптимальное соотношение скорости наложения/исчезания
Q: Can we have a setting option that prevent mud from disapearing?
A: No, because we don't want to have too many game settings to keep it simple

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@DerEggen A1: .x files are version independent. Mod converter is supposed to convert XML files, so it doesnt matter if its a workshop asset or not
A2: please give us feedback on what kind of additional parameters you need, we are very ready to take modders feedback into account
A3: it was actually one of the modders who suggested making fuel consumption rate a derivate of said parameters 🙂 Making fuel consumption an explicit parameter would allow for creating unbalanced mods, but like A2, we are ready to hear modders feedback!

@Pavel A1: thanks for that explanation, good to know.

A2/A3: my questions refer to the mod/patch "Spintires plus" by Localhost.
ST+ gives some new parameters for suspension and damping, the possibility to create different suspension setups for different wheel sets (so you can have a street and offroad setup on the same truck just by switching tires) and for the tires, it gives back the numeric values for mass, friction and softness.
ST+ and its changes to the game have been the result of cummunity feedback, so there you go 😁

New/more parameters or multiplier would give us all the ability to create even more realistic vehicles for ST. I understand that you have an eye on unbalanced mods but even without all those parameters, nothing stops you if you want to give a truck a 10000l tank and 4500Nm torque, along with an over the top gearbox (look at all those rock crawler out there).

Making fuel consumption rate a derivate of said parameters is perfectly fine and realistic but it would also be realistic if there was a parameter to in- or decrease the fuel consumption over all, in order to simulate an older or newer engine/ truck.
For the engine/ torque/ gearbox, you may have a look to this: vehicle-engines. As I said, I can understand that you want to keep it simple and stable. Maybe you can find a compromise. You could give back the old parameters and by default they all have the value "1" and the engine and gearbox behave like you (the devs) want them to. And for those who know what to do, they can tweak the engine and gearbox to achieve a better/ more realistic result.
Just my two cents, I hope you got an idea for what I have in mind- and sorry for the long text.

I can't wait to use the map tools Pavel. Is there still going to be a 2 gig Ram limit?

Hi Guys great to see this game finally progresssing and even better to have @Pavel here too. 🙂

I have pre-ordered on Steam and have some questions:

Q1. Can we please get some more real gameplay footage from PC or any platform.

Q2. How complete is the game, 75% or closer to 95% for launch date?

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Здравствуйте! Подскажите, а не планируете ли Вы сделать игру "дальнобойщики" на подобе ETS2, но с русской душой?)) То есть объединить "дальнобойщики 2", "дальнобойщики 3", "ETS2", "ATS" и "Spintires"? Ну или может для спинтирес сделать большую карту с разными дорогами и разными грузами? Или может какой-нибудь регион РФ реализовать?

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

@Flotoslav В будущем будем делать более интересный и сложный игровой процесс конечно
Q: Can you make a "Spintires + ETS" game?
A: Yes, we will be adding more gameplay elements!

Привет, ребята, здорово видеть, что эта игра, наконец, прогрессирует, и даже лучше иметь @Pavel здесь тоже. 🙂
Я предварительно заказал Steam и задаю несколько вопросов:
Q1. Можем ли мы получить еще несколько реальных игровых кадров с ПК или любой платформы.
Q2. Насколько завершена игра, 75% или ближе к 95% для даты запуска?

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