Lack of recoil and blood splatter concerns me

I've seen E3 gameplay videos and i couldn't help but notice that the recoils seem to be turned down compared to source insurgency. Can someone confirm this?

Also what i mean by blood splatter is blood decals on the walls/ground etc. I just thought that would be cool and give the 'horror' of combat more if theres more gore to it.

I'm guessing that you're referring to LevelCap's recent video? If so, I thought the same but the thought occurred to me that "It's LevelCap, I bet he's pretty darn good at controlling recoil," and sure enough I think that's the case here. I looked at some of his old videos on Source Insurgency and it appeared that he controlled the recoil on a full-auto M4 about the same as it was in his recent gameplay. However, I just looked it over and he was actually on single fire when he was using the M4. The MP7 he used had low recoil but the MP5 was the same way. I don't really think they turned down the recoil, or if they did it was extremely minimal. The only real way to tell will be when we play it ourselves.

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@cream-cheese They definitely turned down the recoil. It looked and felt massive in the alpha.

@vengefulmosquito I think I was watching Jack Frag's recent gameplay from E3 and the recoil looked about the same as Insurgency: Source.

Recoil in Jack's video
When he doesn't control the recoil here, it looks substantial enough for the gun Jack's using.
Also, I imagine any blood splatter and possible dismemberment is probably given a low priority because there are more pressing concerns that need to be developed first.

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I can understand your concerns about recoil especially if there is a lack of a need to control recoil but here's hoping that weapons have recoil and controling it can be done with a vert/angled grip to reduce vertical climb and that also mastering the weapon platforms you prefer is beneficial as one could get the control down to muscle memory like with ins:mc and ins.

I would be pretty deflated if weapons were too cod like and that you don't need to control recoil at all, and in the same sense it would be really depressing if weapons handled like they do in the joke that is cs:go where bullets jump out of the barrel at stupid angles and you have to learn to control each weapon with a specific pattern when firing and you have to count your shots as each bullet will defy the laws of physics.

If an experienced operator is showcasing the game in the videos like what i've seen then you should rejoice with the knowledge that controling your weapons is possible and very beneficial, it would be rather boring if anyone could just pickup the game and be a pro instantly with something like a ak series firearm when especially the ak47 is notorious for being too light for it's caliber which is why the platform has a insane amount of recoil, smg tier weapons are light in both caliber and need to control and dampen recoil due to their design with weapons like the kriss vector incorporating recoil dampening technology into the platform itself which reduces fatigue for operators and also increases grouping accuracy.

It's always best to not judge too quickly especially very early on in development and before modders have been able to tweak files.

I'd like to think that some of the devs want weapons to be realistic as that's always been the aim with insurgency in my opinion yet you don't want them to be ultra realistic especially if you want to make full-auto a viable firing mode past CQC.