Lack of recoil and blood splatter concerns me

I've seen E3 gameplay videos and i couldn't help but notice that the recoils seem to be turned down compared to source insurgency. Can someone confirm this?

Also what i mean by blood splatter is blood decals on the walls/ground etc. I just thought that would be cool and give the 'horror' of combat more if theres more gore to it.

I'm guessing that you're referring to LevelCap's recent video? If so, I thought the same but the thought occurred to me that "It's LevelCap, I bet he's pretty darn good at controlling recoil," and sure enough I think that's the case here. I looked at some of his old videos on Source Insurgency and it appeared that he controlled the recoil on a full-auto M4 about the same as it was in his recent gameplay. However, I just looked it over and he was actually on single fire when he was using the M4. The MP7 he used had low recoil but the MP5 was the same way. I don't really think they turned down the recoil, or if they did it was extremely minimal. The only real way to tell will be when we play it ourselves.

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@cream-cheese They definitely turned down the recoil. It looked and felt massive in the alpha.

@vengefulmosquito I think I was watching Jack Frag's recent gameplay from E3 and the recoil looked about the same as Insurgency: Source.

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