Are we ready to admit this game is trash yet?

@samhain138 No. I am glad that we have a 40K game, it has some problems, but I love that we finally have another 40K game for PS. I also love the Space Marine for the PS3.

@skube if you love this trash game, then more power to ya. Might I recommend warhammer vermintide. That's a real horde game. You might even forget that this trash exists.

Well at least there is a small group who like it. I recommend you all come play a real hoard game and join on Vermintide.

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Samhain, the only thing here that can be considered trash is your condescending tone.

On top of DW, I've also played and finished VT on the PS4. What you fail to point out is that VT had very significant issues at launch, where some persisted a very long time before being ironed out.

If you want to criticise something, by all means go ahead and do so. But at least try to do so in a constructive manner, otherwise you'll just come across as juvenile and inflammatory.

Hi all,

Thanks for the good discussion here, but i'm going to lock the thread now.