Trying to access global chat causes the game to freeze and crash if I'm in the Official League, also can I get a team restored to COL?

Today after the new ladders started, I tried entering the league chat and my game locked up. After awhile it simply crashed. This doesn't happen with any other league as far as I can tell.

I tried joining and rejoining the league with all my teams, didn't work, but in the process caused my most developed team to become banned from joining. I didn't play in any other leagues and was simply trying to troubleshoot a technical issue. Is there any way for it to be restored? Seems crappy to both be unable to use chat AND have my best team made unplayable for the trouble.

Wanna note that this is repeatable as long as I'm in the official league, clicking the chat button causes the chat and list of players to come up, but the game completely locks up at "waiting for answer from server" or whatever. Eventually it just closes by itself.

I have:
Validated game files
Removed and added BB2 to my firewall
Added and removed BB2 from my anti-virus web/behavior shields to see if they were the cause
Tried making a second account to see if it would be effected. It was.

The game000.log shows that "Lobby Server ResponseGetLeagueOnlinePlayers Returned Error".

Can someone help me, please? Also, a correction. The log error uses "Members" instead of "Players."

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The issue seems to have spontaneously resolved itself after a week.

Actually they fixed it 🙂


Cool. Was it a general issue?

Also, since you're on the champ ladder admin team, is there any way to undo a skill misselection if the team hasn't played match after the skill choice? I'm still unfamiliar with the UI and basically ruined a level 4 player by being in a rush and mistaking one skill for another at level up.

I believe it was a general issue, yes. All I know is that Guillaume told us it was fixed.

As for the other issue, I don't think there is anything you can do. Certainly I can't edit anything at my end.

Good to know. I was worried it was specific to me and that something had gone awry with my connection.

As for the second part, that's unfortunate. Figured I'd ask, though.

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