Game needs to support at least 24 vs 24 multiplayer

I have played insurgency since two months after its release and have been a huge fan. Very few games provide the level of combat realism and immersion that it provides and that's what keeps me coming back time and time again. However, I saw on the steam page that Sandstorm will only support up to 16 players per team similar to the first title. That won't stop me from playing it as I've already pre-purchased it and am looking forward to it. However, I believe for the game to be a commercial success it will be necessary to increase the max player count to at least 24 players per team. The option to play smaller, more competitive matches should still exist but there should be at least one or two game modes with support for larger battles in order to compete with titles such as Squad and Battlefield which draw players in with their large battle sizes. If a developer reads this thread I encourage him or her to see if it would be possible at this stage in development. I know I'll love the game either way but its just my two cents.

Eh, well. There no chance that I'll ever see a server that has up to 48 players. Sadly.

I get there an ethical dilemma that one person might assumed that bigger maps should have more player. If you happen to play Source Insurgency or Day of infamy. The problem with most maps I played is that they are very small and are crowded for that playerbase.

For instance, I remember I used to play Firefight server where it used to have up to 32 players support until they made a slight change to the max player count down to 24 players a few years ago. The kicker here is that if the playerbase did exceeded up to 24 played on a map; say on Crete/Ministry/Revolt/Breevile, this is where kills make it less decisive when it comes to playing the objective because there too many players crammed into one place.

I think having a 32 player be only played on larger maps would be a better fit for Sandstorm. Just because the maps are bigger doesn't mean we need to cram in more players into every possible area.

With that said, I think there might be a way to change the player capacity. Assuming there a way to mod the game. For instance, I was playing Rising Storm 2 the other day. I saw a game server that was up to 128 players instead of the 64 playerbase by default for bigger battles. Or, or. Maybe there might be new maps that might happen to have the equivalent size of something like Cui cuie. Maybe Dog_red would be a best fit?

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I disagree. I think that 16 v 16 will be perfect for Sandstorm because playing push in Insurgency Source with 32 players in a server was very hectic with the small map sizes. With larger maps being added in Sandstorm, it should slow the pace down a bit and allow for more tactical combat. I feel that Insurgency Source's small map sizes led to more COD-like run and gun playstyles (heck, I run around with a Makarov half the time). Larger maps with the same player count should cause more caution when playing. However, we won't know until we get our hands on it.

Please don’t allow this game to support more than 16 players per team, 16 players are too many if you ask me! I would like to see it going down as low as 5 to 8 players per team! See when you get into those big number per teams, players will get that battlefield feel to it and I don’t want that! At all! I want a new type of game not the same 48 to 64 people on a map! The only people that wish for 24 per team are usually the ones that really suck and can’t hold their own! They need more players on a team to disquise their suckness! So please don’t bring all those players to one team! Let’s make this game tough, and please no revives nor respawns! No bullets sponges! Make it Similar to escape from tarkov! Just a hardcore game that will expose your skills and if you suck then you just suck!

i think what makes insurgency just seems like CoD at first glance in the older game is that there are 32 players in a very tight space, this is perfect for grenade spams and all kinds of hell let loose happening with all the arsenals every personel have acces too.

As I understand it it will be possible to set up a server for more than 32 palyers, but the game wont be designed for it.

Let's wait for the beta version with such conclusions. We do not know yet how big these maps will be. Without this basic knowledge, it is currently difficult to apply for an increase in the number of players on the servers.
Besides, Insurgency Sandstorm is not a simulator like Squad.

16 v 16 is fine. As long as the game map is small enough to support, but not so small that it becomes a grenade spamming suckfest like you see in America’s Army (Crossfire).