[Beta] Bug - vampire team can lose blitz after Blood Lust

Hi everyone! Hopefully this is a spot that I can post this and get it seen, I have had quite the time trying to find a spot to make a bug report since the forum referred to in the opening text when running the beta is actually locked. This version of the report is the most complete as of today.

I've run into a bug on the legendary edition beta with the vampire team that can cause them to lose their ability to do a blitz for the turn in various circumstances following a 1 on a Blood Lust roll. This is obviously a big issue for any team, but perhaps even worse for the vampires, since their primary defensive tactic (hypnotic gaze opponents to create a path for a blitz on the ball carrier) can force this bug to activate.

To reproduce this bug, there are a few steps.
1)Activate any Vampire positional player, who we will call Player A.
2)Roll a 1 for Blood Lust (if you reroll it to not a 1, the bug will not occur, the important part is getting the player into the blood lust state, but that doesn't have an unambiguous name). Player A will do a dance step and you will have to enter a new command for the player.
3)Do an action with Player A, but do not do any of the following things to force the bite to resolve: clicking on Player A and choosing "bite team-mate," or doing a pass or hand-off, or attempting to score a touchdown.
3A)Not necessary to reproduce the bug, but important in terms of why it happens so often. If you hypnotic gaze, block as part of a block or blitz action, or possibly foul (I haven't had science-Nuffle bless me with a failed bloodlust before a foul yet) it puts your player into a state where it is not possible to click on them to tell them to bite. If the player was blitzing and has the Leap skill still available for the turn, his menu will open but not show "bite team-mate" as an option, if he was not blitzing it will give the error message "You have already performed an Action with this player on this turn." Note that if trying to reproduce the bug, you shouldn't blitz with Player A, since you will need to use your blitz in the next step.
You have now put Player A in a state where he must feed, but he has not. If you went on to activate step 3A, you have put Player A in a state where he must feed, has not, and cannot be ordered to.
4)Declare a blitz with the player IMMEDIATELY following Player A, whether by choosing Blitz from that player's menu and then moving/blocking or by clicking on an opposing player with that player selected.

This triggers the bug. Once the order is given, the game snaps back to Player A, and resolves their bite normally, except that the lightning bolt blitz icon will appear above his head while he is biting. When the game returns to normal play, there will be two blitz icons: one above the head of the player who was attempting to blitz, and one above the head of the vampire who just fed. If you try to complete your blitz with the player for whom you declared the blitz, it will act as a move action, and if you click on an opposing player to block them, an error message claims that the blitz for the turn has already been used.

So that is the bug, in as much detail as I can describe it. I would hope that it could be fixed before release, hopefully I have given enough information to make it simple to track it down and prevent the blitz from being transferred to the biting vampire or make the game immediately resolve Blood Lust after a block and follow-up/stay or a hypnotic gaze or a foul so that it is impossible to lose the blitz to the bug.

For players who are simply looking at this thread to avoid triggering the bug, the workaround is to always force the Blood Lust to resolve before making your blitz, either by moving an unrelated player or by hitting the End Turn button. This demands a lot of awareness from the vampire coach so as not to trigger the bug by forgetting to clear the Blood Lust or skip your turn by trying to clear it when it isn't present, but it should be possible to work around it in all circumstances.

It looks like this was reported before in the replies to this thread, but with fewer details, so perhaps this report will still be helpful. I was glad to see that the programmers are aware of the bug.

Thanks for the report, it has been reported that this will be fixed with go live, many thanks.

I honestly never knew it was suppose to work that way. I had no clue that I could control who gets bitten, so I just been making sure to have at least one thrall shadow my vampires and stay in their tacklezone.