Corrupted save and backup

Hi all !
First of all i won't begin my post by shouting...

Nice game really and good job. I really enjoy on it. I understand the purpose of a one-file save system on immersion and choices impacts.

But in a game i don't want to be forced in replayability because of a corrupted save... neither a corrupted backup save...

So? I won't ask any suggestions because i already followed all the differents steps trying to recover my save. Just ask / hope you'll find a way in few days to "uncorrupted" it with a patch.

Thx again for all works done


Hi there!

What platform are you playing on, please?

Hi, sorry forgot my specs

WIN10 / gtx 970 / 16go RAM / Core i7 6700K /SSD HD

My game crashed two times with a hard reboot (i ve known same problems with Witcher 3 ... long time ago)

The second time hard crash happened very probably during a save time...

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Any comments would be appreciated.

Do i have to upload my save file, dump file, any file?



Hi, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner - it's incredibly busy with E3 going on.

Can you please post your save files here using WeTransfer?

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I can't post .sav file, only .jpg, .bmp or whatever

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Could you please use WeTransfer to post it?

Hi, the team says they can't seem to read the save - could you try emailing it to me at

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