REBBL stands for the Reddit Eternal Blood Bowl League, and it is a scheduled perpetual Blood Bowl 2 League divided into three sub-leagues each serving different timezones. This way we can take in players from all over the world while still letting them schedule their games at convenient times!

We aim to provide a league with the lowest possible barrier of entry, with a friendly environment that supports both super competitive play and/or casual fun. There is no limit to how many applicants we will accept. If more sign up, we just make more divisions.

We have our own subreddit:

Here you will find links to weekly recap videos, scouting reports, recordings of games via Twitch/YouTube, fluff posts, discussions on how the league can be improved and a range of other content!

We also have our own discord:

Here you can chat about the league or Blood Bowl in general, get in touch with the admins, or post links to related content you have created, including Twitch/YouTube links etc. Many of our coaches just enjoy hanging out and “shooting the breeze”, so there’s always someone to talk to!

Now, if you are a brand new coach or not feeling very confident, joining a big league like this may sound daunting. If so, we would like to welcome you to the rebbl rookie league instead! This league is designed to give you less rough of a start in this game, and to be great environment to learn! Once you have “cut your teeth” and feel more confident with the game, you can take the team you have built within the Rebbl Rookie League (or start a new team) and join into the appropriate majors league at the beginning of a new season.

If you are interested in the rookie league, more info here:

Or you could join their discord and just ask around:

If you are feeling ready though, sign ups are open NOW!

If this is your first season, you can create a brand new team and enroll it into your preferred league. If you have played with us before you can bring your most recent team instead, however once a team is “retired”, it cannot be brought back. A team classifies as retired if you choose to roll a new team. If you need to step out for a season, don’t worry, your old team will be preserved.

Which league do I join?

If American time zones are most convenient for you, sign up for REL.

If European time zones are most convenient for you, sign up for Gman.

If Oceanian time zones are most convenient for you, sign up for The Big O.

You can find links to the respective signup sheets in this post:

If you are trying to sign up from mobile, you need to download the google sheet app. Google deactivated access via mobile otherwise.

Note your name on the appropriate sheet and keep an eye open on our subreddit or the announcement channel on our discord so you know when the main season starts. Right at the end of the off season we will be sending out tickets in game to the teams registered on the sheets. We will want you to accept this ticket within a day, cause it’s important to us that the season starts on time.

If you miss your ticket and we happen to start without you though, don’t lose hope! You may still be able to get in while the season is running, since there may be spots we couldn’t fill and there may be dropouts. If you want in after signups are closed, join our discord and hit up one of the admins there (link further up in this post). This will be an option even many weeks into the season, if you don’t mind playing up TV.

Upon signing up you may also want to read the rules of the league:

Main Season Format

Seasons are played in divisions of up to 14 teams in a round robin format, so you play each other team in your division once. This means that a season will be 13 weeks long. We will attempt to completely fill divisions; however, we almost never mix developed teams with fresh rolled teams, which means occasionally a division will be shorter than this.

We play once a week and our divisions roll over at some point Wednesday evening. If you need to play late Wednesday or even Thursday, that is usually ok but you’ll need to notify the admins so they know to wait for you.
Each week you and your opponent have a joint responsibility to schedule your game. Then at the time you set you both log in and you will be able to start a game against your opponent from the “Play in a league” section of blood bowl 2 after navigating to your rebbl team.

To schedule you game, we prefer that you communicate through our official scheduling thread for the week, which will be one of the stickied threads on our subreddit (link further above).

You can find your opponents reddit name and some other contact details on the signup sheet of your league. Be sure to use a reddit user link when making your schedule post, like this: /u/dreamifi. This way the person linked will be notified by reddit as if one of their posts or comments were replied to.

If you don’t use reddit frequently and thus fear missing such notifications, this chrome plugin might help:

For our playoffs, which by the way are going on right now, we mix top placers from every single division from all three regions in one and the same big knockout bracket! Higher divisions get more spots, but every division gets at least one, so it is possible to win the whole thing in your very first season!

Since we mix the regions in playoffs, participants won’t have as comfy a scheduling time here as during the main season, but we feel this is well worth it to make sure rebbl both is and feels like one single big thing!
We try to make sure every playoff game is casted with commentators, so if you keep an eye out on our discord and subreddit you should find plenty of links to livestreams and videos so you can follow what’s happening!

The Off Season
To make sure you have something to do while waiting for the main season to start, even if you might not have made it to playoff last season, there are a couple of optional competitions you can play in with your rebbl team in the off season!
For returning teams there is the REBBL Open Invitational, more info here:
For new teams looking to start right away, there’s the Greenhorn Cup, more info here:
During the off season, there is also the option for returning teams to utilize the Transfer Market, albeit under strict guidelines. More info on that here:

If anything is unclear to you, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

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