Bug with frappe précise

Bonjour, j'ai systématiquement un bug avec frappe précise. Lorsque j'essaye d'utiliser cette compétence, j'ai bien une zone réduite qui est montrée par le jeu, mais une fois que j'ai cliqué sur la case, j'ai deux cercles blancs qui apparaissent avec une dispersion beaucoup plus grande que la frappe précise. Le ballon tombe dans le cercle le plus éloigné et pas du tout dans le cône de lumière bleue. souvent ce deuxième cercle est en dehors du terrain et pas du tout dans la zone initiale de frappe précise.
Je joue sur PC, Windows 10.

Hello, I always have a bug with frappe précise (i don't know the english word for this skill, sorry). When I try to use this skill, I have a small area that is shown by the game, but once I clicked on the box, I have two white circles that appear with a much larger scatter that typing accurate. The ball falls in the farthest circle and not at all in the cone of blue light. often this second circle is off the field and not at all in the initial hitting area.
I play on Windows 10

For exemple in toornament 10004AC164 :


I think you problem is that you might be misunderstanding how kick (frappe précise) works.
The ball will (almost) never land in the initial spot (blue pylon) you choose at kick off.

First, when you are actually using the player with the kick skill on kickoff, you choose where the ball should land

Then, after you choose where you want the ball to initially land, you get the two circles showing on the pitch.
You, as the coach, have to choose (i.e. click) how long you want the ball to scatter:

After you have chosen the scatter distance, you can see in the dicelog as well what the scatter roll was:

During kickoff, you have the option to choose what player is kicking. It looks a bit counter intuitive, but ignore the arrows that show scatter distance, and click on a player of your own. Normally, the game should choose you kick player automatically, but sometimes it doesn't and you need to click on that player yourself. So, if you fielded your kick player correctly (not on LoS or on the sides) and the scatter arrows show a distance of 6 instead of 3, you know the kick player isn't being used.

I have check the game, i have fielded my kick player correctly (not on LoS or on the sides) and the scatter arrows show a distance of 6.
So, if i understand correctly what you said, in this case i just have to clic on the kick player and the scatter will be reduced to 3 ?

Yes it should, with the "sides" I mean the wide zones of course, could come up with the correct term previously,

Ok, thx for your answer !

I try in a local match, against AI.

I still have the bug.

My Kicker position :

Here i have a scatter of 6, not of 3 !

And if i click on the kick player : it happens nothing !
I still have a scatter of 6.

I can choose a circle, i click on it.

Then my kicker , when he kick :

And the ball falls in the chosen circle.

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