Campaign/Special Missions/Co-op crossover in items?

I know that the only progression/upgrades are with the Special Missions and Co-op, but I’m still slowly (as time allows) plodding through the campaign, and I’m pretty sure that the standard Storm Bolter and Mk2 have 60 round magazines always in the campaign..... well I’ve just finished chapter 8 and while in the load out I see my Storm Bolter has 90 now- just like the purchased upgrade I recently added to my Librarian from doing a few Special Missions?!?? Here is a pic in the load out. Can anyone verify the magazine size in the campaign?0_1529073634319_1AD1124B-D8C3-473B-ADF0-6732B6ADE12E.jpeg

Ok, when I leave the weapon selection and walk towards the Psy gate, my weapons hud display states only 60 rounds. “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K Ted”......😳!🤨🤔0_1529074543839_9F96E31C-3578-473E-A43A-148818C74804.jpeg

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Thanks for the heads up! Seems to be only a display issue, shouldn't be too hard to fix.