Game gets better the more one plays. Expansion Plans?

This beautifull game is realy geting better the more i´m playing it.
In the first 1 or 2 hours i was´nt shure about my feelings for it, but now after 25 hours i love it, and i´m totaly addicted to it.
For that reason i would like to know if there are any plans for an expansion or something like that for it?
If maybe somebody here could tell me.
Have a nice bloodsucking weekend! 🙂

Hi, yes the game is really awesome and I've played it for maybe 50 hours and just finished it.
From what I remember when I watched a stream before launch, they said they had no plans about that at this time.
So, sadly, we might not see DLC content, new places, new stories / investigations / npcs etc or anything else, which is really a wrong decision in my opinion.
When you build an RPG like this, there are many ways to add content, skins, add-ons of any sorts, and this is among the things that customers love : getting new content even after release, and patches, and new ways to have fun and enjoy the game.
When you look at a studio like Cdprojekt, who did the witcher series, after the witcher 3 they kept adding skins, little additions to the game every couple of weeks after launch, then they created 2 expansions to add 50-60 more hours of new quests, locations, and characters etc, which made everybody enjoy and talk about the game for a few years after, with a lot of patches. Now, I know studios are very different, and the team probably already work on new projects, but it would be nice to at least have some communication about possible incoming patches or future plans for the game, or if you just have no plans at all now that the game has launched and will do nothing else about Vampyr for a long time.

Yeah, i agree with you totaly.
Makes me pretty sad to hear that they don´t wanna bring out some more stuff for this cool game.
I had the hope, how on the ingame map one can see the surroundings of our goable actual map like city, they would bring out some expansion with new story and districts.
😞 So sad now!
But thanks a lot for your answer!
Have a nice weekend 🙂

I agree, they need to either work on some new content or tell us they plan to make another or something. This game has me hooked BAD. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy this game. Not once have I had an issue with anything about it, and I sincerely hope they put some effort into this title now.


I just beat it. Besides having to respec for the last battle and a few fps problems in chapter 6 on the x, it was great. Totally worth the money. The only thing though is I don't want to play again because i don't want to change the decisions I made. I remember pretty much every NPC I embraced. Awesome story

Well from what I read from an article online was that DontNod wanted to make something like a universe for Vampyr that featured many different creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, and other creatures. I can't remember where I found the article but I would like for Vampyr to become a popular series because there is so much content in this game that it's just amazing to ask what if I had chosen this choice. Also there may have been some hinting at a sequel with the way the game ended. I would post which line it was but I do not want to ruin the game for many players who want to play it! I love this game it's so, so, so, amazing!

Oh dude.... I'm already sold on a second one. I want more stalking abilities. I'd like to sneak around or climb around on buildings. Obviously that wouldn't happen this game, but it would be great fun after the vampire I ended as this game.