The future of Blood Bowl 2

-Good evening, fans of Blood Bowl. I think that these last days we have seen different events where Cyanide/Focus could have announced news about our beloved game. The recent E3 or the "Skulls for the Skulls Throne" event were magnificent occasions to have announced new content (as "Khorne" or "Slaanesh" teams).

I know that Cyanide is focused in other titles (Space Hulk Tactics, Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf...), but the lack of news of BB2 is really disturbing.

Blood Bowl 2 is still alive, with a growing and loyal community, the participation in the currently WorldCup 2018 proves it.

Does anyone know something about our beloved game future? Are they letting him die slowly to finally develop Blood Bowl 3?

Post your thoughts! 😉

I think it would be great to have more stuff to buy! I’d buy it for sure!


Skins for existing teams
Custom uniforms
Team insignia packs
More player customisation options (aesthetic)
... maybe something I never even thought of before.

... teams of course...

As for a ‘BB3’ i’d like to see:

A better in-game way of communicating with players (for league managers)
Better league management tools in general
More options and choices over the rule-sets
Better animations / graphics
Special animations between specific player types (Trolls eating goblins etc.)

Probably loads of other stuff too.. that’s just off the top of my head.

Sevens would rule and I think make it more accessible to people who aren't committed enough to set aside 2hours. Let's get the arcade generation in! Also just better ways of organising your teams would be s quick win for me

@cmmdr-slacker said in The future of Blood Bowl 2:

More player customisation options (aesthetic)

For BB3 could be intereseting a live rules set synchronized with the tabletop actual rules:

alt text

Why would you like a BB3 ?? I would rather have an expansion for all of the above and may be a dungeonbowl add on , more customizations , and a proper chat sytem/return of the email system. A BB3 would just means that the player base would be split again . The client is not bad at all and can sustain quite a few years before it really gets outdated . The main immediate change i would like to see is rez in COL so it would make it more interesting when you are mismatch with high tv difference . Clearly BB is not on top of their list hopefully the world cup will bring the client some love again

Just to point out, that game had nothing to do with Focus.

I mostly wish BB2 to be finished before thinking to any BB3.

I would like :

-all starplayers skins
-possibility to buy inducments in the resurrection mode

We need Chaos Pact and Slaanesh + Khorne!

Hope so, but seems that Cyanide prefers waste his time and resources in dead projects like 'Blood Bowl: Death Zone'.

Really sad... 😓

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Its been a couple of months and the World Cup is coming to a close. Anyone have any inside news to some future updates? Because the community is really active from our end!